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  2. Charlar

    Gastric Bypass - Help?!

    Ah you are so hitting the mark about food changing the emotions! I go on a binge and don't think about what I am doing until after when I look back and realise it's been because of me feeling anxious, lonely and self-conscious. Awh I am so sorry for your loss, I am sure that was hard to hear but you have already achieved so much pushing through with the decision! It will all be so worth it! I am like you in the sense that I am 25 and I dread to think what would my health be like in my 30s! 😞 and I would rather do it sooner than later. I am already finding so much comfort on this forum, it is great to talk to people who aren't going crazy at you for even considering the surgery! Thank you so much, I am sure I will take you up on the offer 🙂
  3. Charlar

    Gastric Bypass - Help?!

    You look amazing!! Massive congratulations, especially to be so motivated years on, thank you for all of the advice 🙂 I have an appointment with the psychologist on Tuesday and then after talking to her I am hoping to work a plan towards surgery and book it! Thank you 🙂
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  5. Anacat

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Sleeved April 3rd. Height 5.5, SW 242.5, CW 229, GW 140 For those who are post op, how was it for you? How are you feeling? How much have you lost? I feel fine, just a bit dizzy in the morning, take my vitamins, water, protein shake and heparin. A bit disappointed because I feel like I have not lost much, but then hey, it’s a journey and this just the beginning!
  6. Anacat


    Thanks you all! Yes Healthy_life2, tricking the cravings with healthy choices is the the best. I already found some solutions. As I craved the meat taste I did the following (might sounds gross but it worked): I mixed some liver patee with boiled egg and thinned it with milk, and I had some creamy light cheese, eat just 3 spoons of the combination and I was happy :) Craving tricked :)
  7. fightinengineer

    Plateau since month 6

    600-900 seems rather low but I guess I could try that next. I’ve managed to lose a few pounds the past month only to see it bounce back in the past two days. I’m about to start adding some biking to my daily routine and am hoping that kicks my metabolism into high gear again for a while.
  8. delja007

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Sleeved April 12 Height 5.5” HW 245 Weight at surgery date 245 CW 236.2 Goal 160
  9. Torriluv02

    Weight Regain - Need advice

    Im STILL trying to lose regain from last year. It's coming off sloooow. Im hoping the constant movement from having 2 retail jobs will help lol. My choices aren't 100% great all the time but I'm definitely better than i was 6 months ago. Im still re-adjusting. Trying to get back into a rhythm with jobs, vitamins, food and life. Essentially i want to get back to 140 so...30lbs. But... I'm 5'2 and would love to see myself at 120 or at least in a healthy bmi range. Back into obese class 1 at 170. So upset with myself. Sorry for the long rant i just have no one to talk to about these things. I'll be 3 years post OP in October and want to go to my 3 year visit since I never went to my 2yr. (Longer story). I was 152 1yr post so i want to do that at least so it looks like i maintained lol. Im a hot mess yall. Pray for me pls[emoji28] Sent from my SM-G950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  10. RickM

    Southern CA Self-Pay

    In SoCal, I would look up Dr. Ara Keshishian in Pasadena/Glendale area. He is one of the legacy DS surgeons, (which starts with the sleeve and adds a malabsorption component) which means that he has been doing sleeves longer than most surgeons who only started doing them a few years ago when insurance started covering it. When I had my sleeve done eight years ago, I went to SF for it as there was no one in SoCal then with that type of experience; If Dr. K was in town then (he moved down from the Central Valley), I would have gone with him rather than travel.
  11. Wendums

    Questions for all of you that are post-op!!!

    Haha that's funny you said that. Today was my 3 month post-op appointment, and guess what they wanted.. blood!
  12. Sherrysmail123@gmail.com

    What to eat

    Can someone tell me what i can eat 2 months out of sleeve surgery and is it normal to still have stomach and back pain
  13. girlonfire22119

    Pounds lost

    2 months post op revision. 30 pounds.
  14. SleevednowAK

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    People around you must be too shy?! You look amazing and definitely/obviously smaller! I run into folks on campus (hospital) and am asked all the time if I’m ok & followed up with you’re losing weight so hence not being to upset about darn scale progress. You’re (even hotter) Hottie in the making👍🏽
  15. Darci kendall

    Pounds lost

    11 Months out 82 lbs stalls will happen from time to time .I was 217 now 136
  16. Darci kendall

    Extremely rude nurse

    Need to speak with the Nurse manager
  17. Christy1916

    MAY 2019

    My surgery (Gastric Bypass) is scheduled for May 28. Excited and nervous.
  18. Hello, My husband is interested in getting the sleeve but our insurance doesn't cover it. We are looking for physicians in the Southern CA area to perform the surgery. We have found a few but want to do more research to ensure the we are choosing the right doctor. Can anybody recommend doctors in the Southern CA area. I'm a sleeve patient myself but I was blessed enough to have my insurance cover the entire cost.
  19. becca101

    Pounds lost

    8 months out. Lost 87 lbs. HW: 210 CW: 123
  20. Height: 5’2 HW: 210 CW: 123 GW: 115 So lately my daily calories have increased dramatically. I’m able to consume around 1250 calories per day, and I most definitely do. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m 8 months out, I workout for at least 15-30 minutes a day (I know, that’s not much but ya know..). Haven’t lost weight in about a month and a half, and I’m starting to go kinda nuts. Is it the daily calories that’s sabotaging my weight-loss? I wouldn’t have thought 1250 is to much... perhaps it’s a standard stall...? Maybe it’s the excessive sodium...? (Lots of salted sunflower seeds) thoughts?
  21. Daisy's

    Anyone from upstate NY?

    I'm from orange county
  22. E.Elizabeth

    Kids to Mexico

    May I ask which medical tourism you used? How was San Juan clinic? I am booked for surgery there and getting more nervous by the day- I'll b with Dr. Vazquez Thanks in advance!!!
  23. E.Elizabeth

    Surgery in Mexico

    have you had your sugery? I've started the booking company with jet medical tourism and I am SCARED
  24. thinkingthin15

    Weight Regain - Need advice

    I've also had some regain as well. My lowest weight was in the first year at 125 lbs. Year 2 and 3 I held steady between 130-35 and I was very happy with that weight. August will be my 4 year sleeveversary and I'm currently 139.2. I know it's only 4 pounds but I know that 4 can turn into 40 if I'm not careful. Trying to get back on track myself and stay focused. There have been so many changes since having my surgery and I want to get back on track and back to clean healthy eating that I know I should be doing.
  25. hamby

    MAY 2019

    Hi Teri. My surgery is May 9 and I am having the sleeve also.
  26. ms.sss

    Pounds lost

    VSG. Started at 235 lbs, am just under 5'2" tall. I'll be 6 months out next week. Down 93.3 lbs since October, which means I've lost about 40% of my total (NOT excess) body weight. That's just crazy to me. 6 lbs until I get to "Normal" BMI range for my height; 21 lbs until I get to personal goal, which is roughly the mid-point of the "Normal" BMI range for me.
  27. chuckwalsh

    A goal realized

    I'm almost 6 months post OP just to clarify.. 10\22 is my date. Sent from my SM-G955U using BariatricPal mobile app
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