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  2. OMG! Glad they found it! [emoji55] Sent from my SM-G955U using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. Briswife15

    1 LB

    Yes! I have been eating about 420 calories a day and not losing. When I upped it to 600 calories I dropped a pound in one day. I think my body was clinging on to every ounce and I was in "starvation mode. " Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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  5. I drink crystal light in my water or have Gatorade zero. The blue and yellow are surprisingly delicious. I did plain water for a while and quite frankly, it’s boring. You have lots of no or very low flavor options. Mio, crystal light, Gatorade, etc. I count Gatorade as my water intake as it’s mostly water. Pedialyte will also work but I only get it for my dog when she’s sick so I can’t speak to the flavors.
  6. KateBruin

    Names for my new sleeve

    Petunia is too close to what I’d name my vagina 😂. Can’t have two petunias!
  7. KateBruin

    Names for my new sleeve

    Evil monster who doesn’t let me eat? Pain in my gut? Little sh*thead? Is it gas or is it an ulcer? I could come up with mean names for my pouch.
  8. KateBruin


    I was told decaf because it can cause dehydration. I haven’t had caffeine as I’m only 2 weeks post bypass but I had it every day post sleeve after a month or two. I just make sure to increase fluids to compensate and keep a closer eye on my urine output and color. I had severe GERD, which is why I had bypass so I’m being careful about caffeine and acidic drinks this time. I’d rather feel good overall than rely on caffeine...for now.
  9. KateBruin


    I am allowed absolutely no NSAIDS because I had bypass 2 weeks ago but I was allowed them post sleeve after a short period of healing. Surgeon said I can try Mobic/meloxicam in about 6 months but will have to watch closely for ulcers. Bypass was a difficult decision since I rely on Mobic for my ankylosing spondylitis (similar to RA). Hopefully once I restart humira I’ll be okay. Tylenol is a big thumbs down.
  10. KateBruin

    The Gym...

    So I hate cardio. I have popcorn lung and my lower lobes trap air. I was fit and extremely athletic till my mid 20s when I started gaining from seroquel. Fast forward to 2017 and 267 lbs, I joined a HIIT gym like orange theory or Barry’s. Post sleeve I did it 10x a week. I started off as the fattest, most out of shape and had to modify. Lost 105 lbs, 40 of them from workout alone. I got a hernia repair and decided to switch focus to core so I started barre 5x a week, Pilates 3x and HIIT 1-2x. Then I tore my shoulder and now I just got bypass and will have the other shoulder soon. That’s my long way of saying it might be easier to start in a structured class like orange theory, training mate if you’re in LA (the best!!), F45 or something along those lines. Meet with the trainer before and explain your limitations. Screw anyone who judges you. Anyone who judges someone trying to better themselves is awful and can kick rocks. No matter my weight I always admire the extremely heavy or in LA just the overweight people in workouts or at the gym. Basically I don’t do cardio except the intervals of rowing, ski erg, and quick reps of some exercises. Everyone be kind to yourselves. We all have to start somewhere!
  11. "Satisfaction" is something maybe everyone has a different definition for and I admit I have a hard time to describe what this "satisfaction" feels like. I think for me it's the feeling that after a meal I don't want to eat any more right now. There is a feeling of "full" and -this is very important for me - I ate something I actually like to eat and/or wanted to eat at this moment.
  12. belikewater


    I've drunk coffee from fairly early on, I can't tolerate protein drinks, but coffee and decaf is how I get half my fluid in every day. I just use instant, with boiling water and skim milk, I count the calories of the milk as one of my meals. I'm over 6 months out now, occasionally I'll buy a 'proper' coffee if I'm out but sometimes that will turn my stomach. My surgeon said coffee was fine, guess all surgeons different 🥴
  13. belikewater

    rate my plate

    Mousecat88 my diet is very similar, I'm 6.5 months out. The first couple of mouthfuls I eat each meal cause discomfort, and I can't eat more than about a quarter to a third of a cup. I try and eat 5-6 times a day plus a cup of low fat milk with my coffees. I get nausea quite easily and lots of foods just won't 'go in', like rice, pasta, most meat (chicken is ok). My surgeon mentioned dilating my sleeve but heck no!! I've started adding in 3-4 small water crackers with some cheese, and oats with blueberries. I've increased my carbs as I train heavily most days, sometimes twice a day (weight lifting and trail running) so am burning a lot of what I eat and I struggle to get protein in. I've started eating haloumi cheese (good protein) with a cooked tomato on the side, and nuts and seeds. I can't tolerate protein powder or drinks at all. Is a lot of trial and error but is totally worth it, I'm so pleased with my weight loss 😊😊
  14. Hey all!!! I’m 6 days post op and I woke up with stomach pain. It feels like hunger felt before surgery. I am still on clear liquids and protein and I hit my goals. Has anybody experienced this before? Any advise?
  15. Queenbee34

    One Week Check UP

    You are doing great! Everyone is different in this process. I lost 13 lbs in my first week but stalled the following weeks. I had to stop weighing myself and comparing myself to others progress. I was really getting discouraged. Then at my 8 week check up I found out I had lost 52 lbs since surgery. It blew my mind. Follow the process and you will see (YOUR) results. You are doing fantastic!!!!
  16. Queenbee34

    TMI periods

    I went thru the same thing!! I had to buy the overnight pads and just limit my movements. Heating pad was my bff for the first couple of days. It does get better! I know sometimes birth control can help after surgery with period flows. Might want to talk to you dr to see if that is a good option for you. Crossing my fingers that it gets better!!
  17. Mafi Mushkila

    Pre Op diet

    Thanks All, I have started my meal replacement diet and so far I am very impressed with how satisfying it is. I have lost a bunch of weight and hope to be a few pounds under 300 when I go for my surgery. 12 pounds to go!
  18. Queenbee34

    Could you answer my question about sugars

    I was sleeved on Feb 1st. It has been the biggest blessing to me. Thru the program that my bariatric dr has set up and I would say I've been very successful so far. My nutritionist stated that if I look at a label on food. I should be looking for single digits for carbs and single digits for sugar or carb free/ sugar free. I would contact your dr and see what they can do for you and get you on the right track.
  19. I'm officially 81 lbs down since I started my weight loss journey. I can't believe I've come this far and I'm just getting closer to my goal weight. I've set up 50 lb goal rewards for myself and not that long ago I hit my first weight loss goal. My reward was buy new underwear and burn the granny panties! lol Silly but it felt amazing to be two sizes smaller and not have to buy brief cut. VSG has been worth the pain and struggle. I never thought I would be the size I am now ever again.  Hopefully someone reads this post and find it either humorous or inspirational or both hahaha 

  20. RoseKay91

    Weight-loss funnies

  21. Thank you for all the post! I’m relieved. Afterward my stomach was growling and I had the runs after some warm soup so I believe it came out. My esophagus and sternum feel a little sore and my stomach growls here and thee when I drink liquids but with no pain. Thanks a bunch!
  22. Danny Paul

    How To Handle Haters

    Keep in mind that these are thing that will help you post weight loss surgery. The surgery will only give you a jump start on weight loss and a healthier life. You will need need to work on the maintenance of the weight loss. As for the haters, do what you think is best for you. My wife gave me a hard time about the surgery. I told her that I wanted her to be part of my journey but if she couldn't support me I'd do it without her. She realized that it was in my best interests to get the surgery and has been my number one supporter since. Sometimes you just need to have a heart to heart talk with the ones you love. I also didn't tell everyone about the surgery.
  23. Briswife15


    If you call them they will tell you their requirements for surgery. Good luck! Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  24. If you get a pain in your sternum area that's normal. When I eat fast or a bit too much I get a pain in my sternum area. I have to walk it off and I don't consume anything (solids or liquids) until the pain subsides. It does after awhile of walking it off.
  25. Queenbee34

    The Gym...

    I use to feel the same way about going to the gym but you have to keep the mind set that you aren't there for other people and that you are there to be a better you. I joined my local YMCA and I have had nothing but support from the people in the classes I've taken and from the staff that are there. Maybe that could be an option for you. My Y has a gym and pool. I have 4 kids and they also have kid programs about being healthy and doing different activities with them while I'm working out. You can ask for engage more specialist and they can help you get acclimated. I also took advantage of their 30 min wellness training which they showed me how to use the machines and how to set them to an appropriate amount of weight and how to adjust them to my height. Don't be scared. You've come this far and life is only getting better. Hope this helps you.
  26. belikewater

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    I'm down 31kg in 6.5 months post vsg, so happy to be back training and trail running 😊 We paid privately for my surgery, best investment in myself ever, and my hubbie and kids have their happy active mum back ☺️
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