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  2. Losingit2018

    Weight gain after surgery

    I use opurity sleeve and bypass optimized ($30 for 90 day supply) plus the opurity calcium citrate. No ingredients from China and can be found at unjury dot com
  3. My surgery is the 30th of May and I bought some 1 oz cups with lids so I could make a bunch of jello and just be able to grab them
  4. Sosewsue61

    weight gain after gastric sleeve

    We all have a relationship with food that is not normal. The best book I have read is "Mindful Eating" by Jan Chozen Bays, MD Also check out the website https://www.whywesuffer.com
  5. gsgbutterfly

    GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +

    Thank you leahdavis33. Your comment tipped the scale and made call my sister to come help. She agreed. She said she’d stay as long as I needed her. Thank you again. My surgery is in the morning (May 20) I should get some rest. Talk to you soon.
  6. BennyKing

    March 2019 sleepers

    Hi Guys, Just stumbled across this bulletin board, great to see others sharing their experiences and stories so here is mine Averaging around 130kg for the past 10 years my battles with overeating have caused everything from Type 2 Diabetes to high blood pressure and everything in between. It wasn't about me eating bad food, it was the over indulgence of the food itself. After attempting every diet known to the human race a decision was made to have the sleeve surgery done. The Surgery was performed by Dr KunzinKovas @ St George Private Hospital in Kogarah NSW, Australia in Early March 2019. The first 3 weeks were in and out of the hospital for various circumstances. I won't lie it was hell for the first month. 16 Weeks after the surgery I weigh in a 95Kg from 120Kg just before Surgery, it has been the best decision of my life. My Blood sugar levels are now before 5.5, no more high blood pressure, quit smoking 4 months ago. I feel a million dollars and now have the advantage of teaching my body how to eat again without the drug of indulgence in me.
  7. Hi, I'm new to the group...I have my sleeve surgery may 28 and am excited! I had the realize band in 2008 and lost 110 pounds.... But it had to be removed in 2016 due to complications. All the weight came back, along with high blood pressure and a hiatal herni. Any others out there that went from band to sleeve and had a hiatal hernia repair? Was there any issues with adhesions or scar tissue? Thanks
  8. amy6152

    Stress and poor food choices

    I've been playing ostrich for a while now. Just came back to post tonight and found this old thread of mine, so figured I'd update it with, well, an update all-around. Back in February, I thought my daughter (who's twelve and dealing with a chronic pain syndrome) was going to start receiving treatment soon at a top children's hospital. I was wrong. That was just an evaluation; she actually started the treatment program six days ago--some three months after that evaluation. Doing so required us to move five hours from home; my husband and two other kids are back home. That's an oversimplification, but let's go with it. My older son was also dealing with debilitating mental health issues back then, which got worse before they got better. In early April, he told me his suicidal thoughts had become so intense he was afraid he couldn't handle them anymore, and we decided to do something radical--taking him three hours from home for 12 days for ketamine infusions for depression. The good news is, they helped tremendously. I truly believe he's going to be okay, which is HUGE. The bad news is, my eating issues that I posted about in February never improved. I never improved them. I ate my stress away. Given that, I don't know that I've gained any weight. Maybe five pounds, maybe not, but my weight loss has AT LEAST completely stopped. As I said, I'm now living away from home, and I didn't even bring my scale. I am making an effort as of right this stinking moment to get back on track. With my daughter in this pain treatment program 40 hours a week, I'm finally free to help myself. I'm going to the YMCA tomorrow morning at 5:15, and I'm at least making an effort with my food. It's not good. Don't get me wrong. But it's better than it was. I'm also going to work. Did I mention, all this mess has meant I've done virtually no work since autumn, and I'm self-employed? My income is going to be 20% of what it was the year before. More stress. I want to do well. I want to be healthy. But frankly, dealing with one kid in unbelievable pain for the past seven months and another who just wanted to die...Cheetos seemed completely reasonable for a while there. Sometimes they still do. I'm back, and I'm trying. Good to be here.
  9. Cheeseburgh

    Spicy foods

    I could tolerate slightly higher than mild prior, maybe a hint of jalapeño and a few red pepper flakes. I can handle much more now and find myself increasing spice when I cook Mexican, Thai or curry. If I were to assign a number on a 1-10 scale; I’d say I was a 3.5 before and now a 6.5. I don’t recall my first spicy meal, but if I had to guess it would have been lean ground beef (97%) lettuce taco wraps. my theory is since I eat so little, I want what I’m eating to have a lot of flavor. edited to add, my new favorite spicy thing are baked ground chicken meatballs made with sambal.
  10. gsgbutterfly

    May 2019 Surgeries 🎉

    Hi Frustr8 congrats on your surgery success. My day is today May 20th. I’m excited. I haven’t been on because I was trying to get everything prepared so when I come home and l’ll just concentrate on my new beginning. Thank you for all of your help. Thank you to everyone that gave me advice. My sister is coming to stay with me as long as I need her. I’m going to get some rest now. I have to be at the hospital at 6:30 am.
  11. Frustr8

    May 2019 support group

    Good Luck and Good Healing my friend, post- surgery is a wonderful place to be.
  12. And it still doesn't for me, maybe if it's ice cold I can take it, I drink Nestle Splash flavors but my ❤ belongs to Strawberry Kiwi Propel, that's the taste for me!
  13. Gatorade zero and Vitamin water zero. Regular water didn’t taste right to me for several months.
  14. Blackangel21

    Ten month before and after pics

    Amazing! But please know you were beautiful then too!!!! [emoji173]️ Keep up the good work! Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  15. Youre doing a great job and putting a lot of effort into prepping for surgery. If you are doing well with the diet, you may be able to get to a weight you’re healthy with and maintain without surgery. I lost a lot in my liquid diet phase pre-op but I couldn’t do that forever, it was just a starting point for me. Good luck with everything!
  16. Blackangel21

    Spicy foods

    So how was your tolerance before the surgery? And what was your first spicy meal? Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  17. Today
  18. Blackangel21


    Does anybody have sweets after the sleeve surgery and if so what do you do? Sent from my SM-N950U using BariatricPal mobile app
  19. mrblond

    Anyone else use flinstones vitamins?

    my Nut said twice a day as well, plus I always want to second guess a recommendation from someone trying to sell you something. That being said I do have 3 bottles of the chew able tabs from here.
  20. Definitely talk to your doctor. Even if folks have done it, you are unique and no one on here will be able to give you the answer your doctor needs to give you. Good luck!
  21. I had always heard that flinstone vitamins are not the best for bariatric folks. I take an intranasel b12 once a week, 2 multivitamins a day, 2 calcium a day, 2 biotin (for hair loss) a day, and 1 iron (2 hours away from the calcium). If you get your bloodwork done and everything looks good, keep doing what you’re doing. Always listen to your doctor and don’t skip your vitamins!
  22. Always_Teal

    May 2019 support group

    Hi I’m scheduled this Wednesday. I’m having the gastric sleeve. Very excited.
  23. justmetj

    Anyone else use flinstones vitamins?

    My Doctors and nutritionists recommended Flinstone Complete twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Also calcium citrate plus vitamin D three times a day and vitamin B12.
  24. Swanzylady

    April Sleevers

    My surgery was 4/9 before the surgery i was 268 and am 243 now I also think the weight loss is moving really slow
  25. michellehill

    HELP I'm so stressed and I SMOKE

    Thank you and yes I'm talking to the dr tomorrow to get the patches. I only have 2 cigarettes left and refuse to buy another pack. Thanks all for the advice and info. Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  26. BulletWithButterflyWings

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    Probably. I've got a list of housework and errands to fo before surgery that I've slowly been working on and I get soooo hungry. At night especially.
  27. BulletWithButterflyWings

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I get nothing but liquids. At least I can have sf pudding and sf jello lol. I also get diet coke but I may just quit my carbonated drink habit now so that it's not so hard after. I made some chicken bone broth to freeze so that I have that done and i need to start making my jello and pudding to store for my liquid diet but it can be so overwhelming.
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