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  2. Went to see my surgeon on friday may 17 he gave me a clean bill of health. I weigh 180lbs now. Sent from my LG-TP450 using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. AZhiker


    I gave up ALL sugar in any form prior to surgery. I had already given up wheat years ago, but once the sugar was gone, guess what? My joints never hurt again. Sugar is the most inflammatory food on the planet (with wheat next in line). Once you are off sugar, you will lose your craving for it, but just one little bite can cause the cravings to come back instantly. This all has to do with brain chemistry. Do you know that sugar activates the same brain receptors as cocaine? I know everyone must make their own choices about what they will eat, but I would encourage you not to sabotage your success by a few seconds of sweetness. Fruit is plenty sweet for me now. Some Greek yoghurt with fruit is so delicious - and guilt free!
  4. SteveT74

    December 2018 Sleevers!

    Hey guys. Just checking in on my fellow December 2018 sleavers. I am chugging along on my weight loss journey. I am down. I was a low BMI patient so I lost most of my excess weight in the first 2.5 months post-op. Since the end of March, it's been slow going with the scale. I have only lost about 7 pounds since March 7, but I did lose about 1.5% off my body fat 1.5" off my waist since. I am pretty happy with where things are at the moment. I would like to lose another 5-10 pounds--but that would only be to give me a little cushion against regain (maybe?). I still have a healthy appetite, but nothing like I did before surgery. That said, I probably eat more than most bariatric patients at this point--but I am very careful about what I eat. I don't cheat at all--not even a little bit. Yesterday was a tough challenge. My daughter had her 8th birthday party yesterday and we served pizza and an ice cream cake from cold stone creamery (dark chocolate fudge and salted caramel ice cream with angel food cake. I realize that it's very easy to fall off the wagon--it's how ended up starting to regain after every diet I was on before in my life. I can't have "just a little bite of this" or "a taste of that". Sure, I could a few times, but one little bite can become just a little piece and escalates from there. Even though I am thin and in really good shape right now, I am never going to be a "thin person" like someone that is naturally thin his/her whole life. The potential for me to become heavy again is always going to be there. So, I am going to always have to be that much stricter with my diet and exercise. So, I came up with a plan to deal with my daughter's party. First, I made sure to eat before her party something healthy (salad with grilled chicken and bolthouse low carb/low cal dressing) and I promised myself a yummy snack after the party (pumpkin seeds, pecans and a piece of ChocZero dark chocolate (very yummy)). It may not be as exciting as ice cream cake, but it's still yummy to me. I was able to get through the party without taking even the tiniest bite of anything. You have to have a plan and stick with it to make this process successful. As an added bonus, I felt no guilt today.
  5. Stitches78

    Insurance Approval

    My approval went through on a Friday. The surgeons office called me on the following Monday morning to schedule everything. I scheduled mine for a little over a month later due to prior commitments. My surgeons office told me they have up to a month, but most of the time it gets approved much faster.
  6. Sharlanay

    Insurance Approval

    After that week how soon were you scheduled? Appreciate the kind reply.
  7. AZhiker


    Optisource post bariatric surgery chewables from Walgreens. Also biotin, B-12, Calcium citrate, D3. I like the Optisource. Some people say that are chalky, but I don't get that sensation. I tried the well known brand of chewable multi and calcium - like little caramel squares, but they were too sweet, too flavorful, and way too much like candy. It really triggered a desire for sweets which was dangerous for me. I have not had my 6 month blood draw yet, however, so that will really tell the story about how good my vitamins are (and my diet).
  8. michellehill

    HELP I'm so stressed and I SMOKE

    Thanks for the suggestions I think I'm going to try the gum Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  9. Is he at his goal weight? Just wondering, because the back pain is often relieved by weight loss. He may need to see a pain specialist - injections can be incredible when they work. But the NSAIDs are big no-no. There are other ways to work with pain and the pain specialist can offer other choices, Thyroid issues can definitely contribute to fatigue. Sounds like he needs a complete workup with all the vitamin levels, an endoscope, and general over all screening for other stuff unrelated to the surgery, How old is he? Does he get his annual physicals with *all* the exams? Has he had a screening colonoscopy? Is he eating a really healthy diet? Getting some red meat, fish, maybe some liver? Eating his veggies, legumes, nuts/seeds? Any processed food? Has he been taking all his vitamins since surgery? After surgery, every bite one takes needs to have maximum nutritional value. No room for junk food and processed stuff. The endocrinologist would be a good step, maybe also a nutritionist, but don't let the speciaists miss the general health issues. It is easy for them to focus on just their specialty. A friend of mine had chest pain, and his kidney doctor thought it was the kidney tumor coming back - missed the fatal heart attack!
  10. I can really relate to not wanting to give up smoking. I am in recovery too and having to give up my unhealthy eating habits as well as not smoking seemed to be too much. I had a really honest conversation with my doctor about it, in which he told me that the absolute best thing I could do for my health is to quit smoking. It ranked even higher than losing weight, though my BMI is under 40 so that was seen as a secondary goal. It isn't easy either, especially if you don't want to quit. I had this weird thing happening where when I was smoking, all I wanted was to quit, but then when I quit all I wanted was to smoke. It went on that way for a few months, but I finally just decided my health is my priority and I can't be healthy if I am smoking. I used nicorette gum, it was more useful for me than the patches because when I had a craving I could actually do something about it (chew a piece of gum), and I was able to cut back on the gum and then switch to regular gum after a while. I did vape too, and I have cut back on that to the point where I just don't anymore. Good luck
  11. VIKING 0424

    Regained after GS

    you must use your tool and not misuse stop beating yourself up and seek some help though counseling as well i know it has helped me be a better person to myself we are are worst critics as you know support groups may help as well and go back to that 800-900 calories a day and protein is first and water dont forget to walk and you could be back on track as well hope nothing but the best of results for you cheers you are already reaching out for the help keep going
  12. Cool study from NIH.gov offers great definitions of important aspects of the surgery and substantial recommendations for interventions!!! Woot! Interventions To Improve Long Term Weight Loss in Patients Following Bariatric Surgery: Challenges and Solutions https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4485844/?fbclid=IwAR3qJoBMKgvuI2v2B_nYZz6uW0xJdxuzv6ahr4v6DJWSNwPFGMoo5rLcxOU
  13. Stitches78

    Insurance Approval

    Depends on your insurance. I got approval in a week.
  14. Ryster_1979

    May 2019 Surgeries 🎉

    I went from 313 to 287 between 5/9/19 (surgery date) and 5/15/19. In the second week I have only lost 2 pounds, but my pants are loose. I did some Googling and it seems that the weight loss can be sporadic at times.
  15. An endocrinologist, particularly one familiar with bypass patients, would not be a bad idea to get a handle on things; this far out, he has gotten used to things and there may have been a slow decline in levels, or some other physiological activity may be going on. A minor bleed is possible (presumably no obvious signs like bloody or dark, tar like stool) as that is something of a characteristic of the bypass - the anastomosis between the pouch and intestines is somewhat delicate and can be irritated by its acidic environment. Pain relievers can be a red flag as NSAIDs are a big no-no with the bypass, but sometimes they can sneak into some pain relief products without being aware of it, and that can cause a bleed.
  16. Healthy_life2

    Regained after GS

    5 day pouch reset may be a good restart for some. Good advice. Some other things to think about. It doesn't adress the the mental side of staying on plan. It also may be too restrictive if you are years out, have extra sleeve space and are trying to trouble shoot hunger, you may want to try other options. some do keto. Intermittent fasting, vegan. It may be trial and error to find what works for each of us. Trouble shooting extra sleeve space. I eat dense Protein and other foods on my plan. I eat as much veggies as I want until full. I log to make sure I stay within my weight loss calorie and macros Years out weightloss calories may have to be dialed in specifically to the individual. 600 to 800 calories is not realistic for me years out. Maintenance phase is a different animal. Getting back into weight loss mode after a weight gain is not a one size fits all. Sent from my SM-G930T using BariatricPal mobile app
  17. When i look at a carb LOL At least that is how I feel...however, mostly the scale goes up when I dont drink water like I know it should be. It goes back down but takes a bit sometimes.
  18. FancyChristine15

    Eating & Fullness.

    In the beginning I would weigh and measure, but now, I stop when I'm full. I can usually eyeball how much I can eat, so I'll just get that amount. If I'm hungry, I can get more, but that's usually not the case. Learning to listen to your body is a great way to use your tool. Just be sure you do what your body says and stop eating when you start getting full.
  19. CurvyMom


    I take fusion - try a different flavor maybe?- i have tropical which is okay adn mixed berry which is mehhh--but they're not that bad. I use the chewy calcium by bariatric advantage. I also tried procare capsule and took it mid day and got so sick....so I will switch to those in a few weeks and try them at night.
  20. Aproactiveme

    Surgery tomorrow April 20

    I'm good, just thirty mouth dry.....haven't had anything to drink since midnight. Surgery running a little behind. Sent from my SM-G950F using BariatricPal mobile app
  21. daisy7914

    May 2019 Surgeries 🎉

    I have lost 14lbs. I am 2 weeks post op. Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  22. Wanda1971

    May 2019

    Great Job!!!!
  23. Today
  24. It might be, but probably not. Presumably, the doc has prescribed omeprazole, or similar PPI medication for it. The sleeve is predisposed toward reflux problems as the stomach volume is reduced much more than the acid producing capacity, and it takes a while for the body to adjust (doesn't mean that one will have that problem, just that the odds are higher than the general population, in comparison, the bypass is predisposed toward marginal ulcers, dumping and reactive hypoglycemia, so there are potential problems with whatever procedure one chooses. ) Usually, the problem goes away as the body adjusts, but sometimes it doesn't completely and one needs to stay on some type of medication for it, or in extreme cases, revise the surgery.
  25. Heartnsoul60

    Surgery tomorrow April 20

    Wow! How are you?
  26. bookworm88

    May 2019 Surgeries 🎉

    3 more days for me! I am having VSG on May 23 and the liquid diet is no fun at all. I am hoping my hunger subsides after I wake up from surgery. I am very nervous and excited. I have lost 6 lbs from the liquid diet. My weight today is 267 lbs and I am 5'7''. How much did people lose in the first month???? Sent from my SM-G960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  27. everything has been submitted to insurance. How long does it usually take?
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