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  2. What kind of crystal light do you mix with it? What a great idea!!
  3. girlaccountant

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Congrats on the weight loss!! Yay!! I’ve been on puréed for a week, the first few days were difficult. Seemed like I had to burp with every bite. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s gotten a little easier every day. Our stomach tissue is still a bit swollen, but we are a little more healed each day. I actually was able to eat a little than 1/4c cream soup for lunch today with no issues. But still finding certain things aren’t working like cottage cheese. Keep thinning until whatever agrees with you. You’re doing great!! You got this!!
  4. @Lelina what was the reason doc suggested sleeve over mini gastric bypass? it's always good to listen to your surgeon - butttt find answers to your questions before you make a major decision between surgeries. read up on the two (2) surgeries, talk to doc again, then you'll be more informed as to which WLS is better for you. At the end of the day, its your body and choice!☺️ knowledge is power!! good luck kathy
  5. Newbeginning57

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    I am starting the puréed stage and it is not going great. My stomach really churns and gas or air seems to double up. I am trying smaller bites and thinning it a bit more. Hopefully this will help. I am down 24.4 lbs since I started the process and that is pretty amazing for me.
  6. Lochnessamber

    All kinds of bathroom problems

    Thanks, been meaning to update. Constipation has now been replaced by diarrhea, and I'm not sure what's causing that. No more Greek yogurt, probiotics, or whey protein drinks; overall cutting out dairy is an improvement. So far each meal has been pureed seafood and I've made a greater effort to get more vegetables in. Theres still pain/bleeding/itching, but it is less intense, so I'm grateful. I just have to keep up on water intake.
  7. I just walked to my dry cleaners this morning ... so not nearly as picturesque as the rest of y'alls!
  8. Shellcat

    Surgery is complete! Onto road to recover

    Thank you for your kind words. I do feel a bit less gassy today. Able to get a bit more protein in which is good. Trying to decide when to go back to work because I feel REALLY tired and shaky. How many days did you take off?
  9. Thanks for all the support! I am going to do much better now
  10. ProudGrammy

    Got my surgery time!!

    @SusieQ2019 very exciting news!! you've probably been waiting a long time for date and WLS we'll be seeing "less and less" of you pretty soon!! lets meet for drinks PO - i'm buying - WATER of course!!😊 good luck speedy recovery kathy
  11. BulletWithButterflyWings

    Its Official!

    Congrats lovely!!!! So excited for you!!!! You can do this.
  12. sallie Lindsey

    March Bypass Buddies

    River walker I was sleeved too march 22,2019
  13. ms.sss

    Non Scale Victories

    I finally ran out of my stash of skinny clothes I have saved over the years, so I figured I'd go mall shopping this morning for some new summer threads. So I reached for size Small tops. NOPE i'm an Xsmall (if not smaller!) Then I went for size 6 dresses. NOPE i'm a Size 2. Tried on size 29 jeans. NOPE i'm a Size 26. I'm holding up these clothes and am amazed that my body managed to get into them. I mean they are tiny. And to me, I don't look anywhere near that tiny in the mirror. The other thing is that back when I was able to fit into these sized clothes , I was weighed much, much less than I do now. I mean, I remember being 105 lbs when I fit into size 4 pants back in high school. Stores must be using vanity sizing more and more...
  14. You'll feel amazeballs with a 1+ lb poop! Just sayin...
  15. Sosewsue61

    Protein shakes and bars forever?

    How long is this regimen of shakes supposed to be? Until you lose x# of pounds or a set time? I can only guess the reasons are that he wants maximum weight off asap in these early months. Honestly I felt better when I could eat real food, and I had an aversion to shakes early on. I had a few other aversion with foods in the early months - beef and chocolate. Chocolate still is iffy. It was a few weeks in the beginning figuring out tolerance, but gets easier as you go. Some people continue with one shake to supplement protein requirements all through the journey. Good luck.
  16. Poppyseed28

    Food Before and After Photos

    My late breakfast. It’s zucchini, bell peppers, and navy beans sautéed in some butter and mixed with some Italian dressing.
  17. How are the other slow losers doing today? I went up .6 of a pound today and feel bloated in my lower belly. Realized I need to take a laxative as it's been a few days. (Sorry for TMI) Hoping that gets me to feeling better. I am feeling a little depressed and could use a boost.
  18. Hello everybody. I’ve just had my surgery recently (19 April). So I am on week one. I am finding it hard to eat. While I was hospitalized they gave me broth and apple sauce. Once I started walking they gave me sort of liquidy mashed food. Like I had a coucous cream. I was operated in France and after watching YouTube videos, I figured that duets varied from hospitals and countries. However during this week, due to how I was fed in the hospital I was confused on how to eat. So I am going through apple sauces, yoghurt adding protein powder to them. And also having soups. My question is has anyone struggled with week one in the same fashion.
  19. Shellcat

    Surgery is complete! Onto road to recover

    So far no reflux but barely eating so not sure yet. I hope I don't. I pray I don't. I want to get on a plane and not worry if the seatbelt will fit. I would like to scuba dive with less then 20pounds of weight since the last time I went I needed 22pounds just to stay down because I float. I want to be able to get in my ski boots again. I have also had two knee surgeries in the last two years so they are screaming for relief. I am a very active person stuck in a fat persons body I guess.
  20. SusieQ2019

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    My surgery is 10:00am on Monday. I like the time because I can still take my daughter to school and make her breakfast before I leave.
  21. Today
  22. Yes, I totally recommend the journalling/food tracking! As for the Biotin, I started taking it about 3 weeks ago (from a tip on this forum :), not sure if its doing anything, but i guess i can't hurt. The label says not to take for more than a month, so I'll do another week then check in with my PCP if I should/can continue *crosses fingers*.
  23. Goody222

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Everythinganna, If I had only known! I am going for an infusion tomorrow. This s not fun. Hopefully, the infusion will help.
  24. My surgeon's office called and my surgery time is at 10:00am Monday morning. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the number on my caller ID.
  25. Everythinganna

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Sounds like a nightmare goody. I had my gallbladder removed two years ago this me the day after my birthday. It was an emergency surgery so gallstones are definitely worth being aware of but I don’t know that I would take medicine that made me sick. You are a trooper.
  26. I was told not to shave legs within 48 hours of surgery. Knicks are open wounds which could be infected by staph. It’s a precautionary method my hospital used.
  27. Sandra Nuelken

    Surgery is complete! Onto road to recover

    What is on your list of things you want to do after weight loss. My counselor said to make a list. All I want is my knees to quit hurting, they did when I lost my weight before. I also want to wear clothes without 2 being the first number or an X the last number. I don't have any really big goals. So far do you have the reflux you had with the band?
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