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  2. Omg they will find any excuse to try and not cover surgery. I hope you get an answer soon! Good luck!
  3. RaeSavage

    Insurance woes 😩😩

    Who’s your insurance company?
  4. So I get a phone call this morning from my Surgeon himself asking a question on my history. Apparently my insurance company contacted them today asking for more information on a subject. I never smoked a cigarette in my life, but occasionally in the summer will smoke a cigar here and there with my husband. Somehow it got put in my medical history that I’m a smoker!? So he asked about this again because my insurance specifically says patient can not smoke in the past 6 months or it’s an automatic denial. Well I said the last time I had a cigar was last July and I never had a cigarette in my life. So he said he will adend that in my history and submit it so that problem was cleared. Then he said the second thing they are requesting is all my weights from the weight loss program I did for the last 2 years to see my BMI’s. I started in 2016 with a BMI of 42 but then dropped to a BMI of 34 briefly up until November of 2018 before I have steadily gained back up to BMI of 37 now. Only thing is insurance might likely deny me because I haven’t been over BMI of 35 for a full year. Which was a requirement for Fed BCBS. Praying they take into consideration my overall weight loss attempt the past 2 years. My surgery is scheduled for next Thursday and I’m freaking out! I just don’t have a good feeling now at all about getting approved.
  5. sisternewt@yahoo.com

    Buying clothe

    One bittersweet comment: I had a few really nice items that were a few years old, but had gotten too tight. Thought I’d get them out for something “new”. They’re way too big too! I told myself I’d just wear my clothes like sacks. I didn’t care. But I do. Did get a new Easter dress that fits and shows off a thinner me. Helps the old confidence!
  6. TxStar09

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Great weight loss! Congratulations! I’m still on full liquids until the 24th-ish... At my appointment the other day, I was told I could test the waters a little with the blended/puréed stage. We went out for dinner and I had some split pea soup. It was so good. Having something with real flavor was fantastic!!!!! I will be happy once I get to the soft foods stage, but that’s not until 5/8 or so for me.
  7. GreenTealael

    Pounds lost

    1.5 yrs out 90+ lbs
  8. sisternewt@yahoo.com

    Buying clothe

    To Frustr8: I’d love to get to know you. You’re my kinda gal! I worked for over 10 years fitting mastectomy bras. And yep... saw lots of tube sox titties! And now I get to see my own. Hahaha! I too want to see 175 or less, but I almost cannot wait to see less than 200. It’s been over 36 years! ( I had 4 over 9 lb pregnancies, and it was with the second that I went over 200. Like I said, I can hardly wait!!! Always enjoy your posts!
  9. I’m 9 weeks out. I try to keep my calories in the 600-700 range but have gone in the 800s a couple of times a week. No problems with any foods, getting protein or getting fluids in. Typical menu for me would be a scrambled egg with tsp of butter for breakfast or protein coffee. Lunch is usually baby spinach, spring mix with 1 1/2 oz chicken breast strips topped with T sour cream and salsa. Dinner has lately been 1/3-1/2 c homemade chili beans or 2oz meat with broccoli or Brussels sprouts. At night I usually want a snack so I’ve had sf Greek yogurt, sf jello with a dollop of yogurt on top or some cheese and smokehouse almonds, but I can get carried away with the almonds so have pretty much cut them out. Often I’ll add a premier protein somewhere, but when I do my calories are closer to the 800 range. I am still having to resist the urge to graze, especially at night. I’m going to try doing the premier protein around 9pm to see if that will help with the grazing/snacking urge because it seems if I eat a snack it just starts up my “fat brain” and even though I’ve not had anything “bad” I can still slow weight loss with grazing on allowed foods.
  10. Yvette Williams

    Pounds lost

    @sstirmer , I know I could have lost more, however I could not walk or work out due to pinched nerves in my lower back. I’m currently in the hospital for extremely low potassium levels. Been here since Tuesday. You all please ensure that you are getting all of your vitamins and supplements in
  11. Alwzla8

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    I was sleeved on the 9th and had a surprise hernia repair:) I weighed 242 at the dr office on my last visit Day of surgery 229 2 days after I came home I made the mistake of getting on the scale and it said 235, from all the fluids and such Weighed myself today and it said 221:) I am only able to wear sports bras and still very uncomfortable wearing pants so I am living the sweatpants life. My surgeon told me that I could go back to work Monday but my job won't let me back without a dr note UGH.. so I have to wait for my follow up on Weds. I am still on a liquid diet and can't go to thicker fluid until next week then a week after that I can finally go to mushy food and I have to stay on that for 6 weeks:( Best wishes to all:)
  12. Neely

    Pounds lost

    6 weeks from sleeve and 45 lbs down. But that includes my week of pre op diet so technically 7 weeks.
  13. GreenTealael


    Team check in: Are you enjoying this type of challenge (without added food restrictions) ? Do you find it helpful this month as you make your way towards your goals?
  14. froufrou

    Surgery is complete! Onto road to recover

    Well done Jon - you're on the other side now
  15. Jon_gets_skinny

    Surgery is complete! Onto road to recover

    Thank you everyone! Made it back home and things are looking good so far!
  16. froufrou

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Sheribear you look amazing! You can definitely see it! I'm down another pound after my monthly stall and bounce around. I guess this is just the way my body is going to lose weight! Jeans are getting loose now - I had a NSV today and tried on the next size down and they fit.
  17. Today
  18. CindeeAT

    No weight loss

    I lost one more pound ..so in the past 2 weeks I've lost ONE pound. I cried at the doctors office, how embarrassing. My surgeon said that patients with revisions have a tendency to not lose as much as quickly as first time bariatric surgery patients. Our bodies are somewhat used to a lower calorie intake from the previous surgeries and it takes some time for our metabolism to kick back in. I hope that's the case.
  19. froufrou

    Bypass or Sleeve

    Bypass. I've had both and bypass is working much better for me. Much more restriction, no hunger.
  20. @MardellShakes are definitely not the way to go for a DSer. Yes, you can use them as supplements but not as your entire menu. Your best bet is to eat a ton of protein. Then drink a lot of liquid and limit carbs severely.
  21. Thanks for the advice!! It was not as bad as I thought.. from monday to today I was 1 pound under my starting weight!! Where did the weight go?!? Who cares!! My doc sent over his approval to insurance company so they can approve my surgery !! I'm excited!! Sent from my SM-G935T using BariatricPal mobile app
  22. Cheeseburgh


    I’ll get the coffee one done next time I go to Dunkins. Squats & crunches done.
  23. I take chewable vitamins I found on Amazon. I let them dissolve in my mouth and then swallow. This is working well for me.
  24. Wanda247

    goal has been achieved

    Great job my friend. You rock!!
  25. I was in a ton of pain, but not what you are dealing with. I hope you feel better soon!
  26. nssmia

    Dr Ariel Ortiz OCC

    Thx so much Sent from my SM-J727V using BariatricPal mobile app
  27. med28thmed

    One Week Check UP

    yes normal, you gained water weight at the hospital from the IVs. No worries, you'll be now losing weight. Don't get discouraged in 3 weeks, when you experience your first stall. It's totally normal as well. :-) Good Luck.
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