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  2. Neely

    Pounds lost

    6 weeks from sleeve and 45 lbs down. But that includes my week of pre op diet so technically 7 weeks.
  3. GreenTealael


    Team check in: Are you enjoying this type of challenge (without added food restrictions) ? Do you find it helpful this month as you make your way towards your goals?
  4. froufrou

    Surgery is complete! Onto road to recover

    Well done Jon - you're on the other side now
  5. Jon_gets_skinny

    Surgery is complete! Onto road to recover

    Thank you everyone! Made it back home and things are looking good so far!
  6. froufrou

    February 2019 weight loss buds

    Sheribear you look amazing! You can definitely see it! I'm down another pound after my monthly stall and bounce around. I guess this is just the way my body is going to lose weight! Jeans are getting loose now - I had a NSV today and tried on the next size down and they fit.
  7. CindeeAT

    No weight loss

    I lost one more pound ..so in the past 2 weeks I've lost ONE pound. I cried at the doctors office, how embarrassing. My surgeon said that patients with revisions have a tendency to not lose as much as quickly as first time bariatric surgery patients. Our bodies are somewhat used to a lower calorie intake from the previous surgeries and it takes some time for our metabolism to kick back in. I hope that's the case.
  8. froufrou

    Bypass or Sleeve

    Bypass. I've had both and bypass is working much better for me. Much more restriction, no hunger.
  9. @MardellShakes are definitely not the way to go for a DSer. Yes, you can use them as supplements but not as your entire menu. Your best bet is to eat a ton of protein. Then drink a lot of liquid and limit carbs severely.
  10. Thanks for the advice!! It was not as bad as I thought.. from monday to today I was 1 pound under my starting weight!! Where did the weight go?!? Who cares!! My doc sent over his approval to insurance company so they can approve my surgery !! I'm excited!! Sent from my SM-G935T using BariatricPal mobile app
  11. Cheeseburgh


    I’ll get the coffee one done next time I go to Dunkins. Squats & crunches done.
  12. I take chewable vitamins I found on Amazon. I let them dissolve in my mouth and then swallow. This is working well for me.
  13. Wanda247

    goal has been achieved

    Great job my friend. You rock!!
  14. I was in a ton of pain, but not what you are dealing with. I hope you feel better soon!
  15. nssmia

    Dr Ariel Ortiz OCC

    Thx so much Sent from my SM-J727V using BariatricPal mobile app
  16. Today
  17. med28thmed

    One Week Check UP

    yes normal, you gained water weight at the hospital from the IVs. No worries, you'll be now losing weight. Don't get discouraged in 3 weeks, when you experience your first stall. It's totally normal as well. :-) Good Luck.
  18. sisternewt@yahoo.com

    Pounds lost

    I had my sleeve 12/26/2018. Down 42 lbs. kinda slow compared to some, but it’s just where my dr said I should be. And besides that I feel GREAT!
  19. I had a ton of nausea and spitting up foam on the first day post-op, but by day 2 it was all just fine. I never had any pain or blood.
  20. sisternewt@yahoo.com

    Intermittent Fasting Daily Menu/Results/Accountability

    My bariatric doc believes in protein shakes. He tells his patients is you can tolerate them to just include them in your forever diet. He says that his most successful long term patients drink them and don’t over eat trying to get their daily allotment of protein. Sounds sensible to me! So easy to drink my lunch.
  21. GradyCat

    Post surgery liquid diet

    I had no problems getting in my proteins and water post-op. I too have seen some people here say they had trouble getting in more than a couple of tablespoons, but I haven't had that trouble. I'm getting 600-800 calories/day now at 4 months post-op and have lost 50 pounds total.
  22. VIKING 0424

    Surgery is complete! Onto road to recover

  23. GradyCat

    Soft foods ?

    It's common to stall at Week 4, so don't fret it. My soft food phase was cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, soups, sugar-free pudding, sugar-free popsicles.
  24. Have you experimented with different protein drinks? I use GNC 25 Leak Shake, chocolate flavor, pre-made and it's wonderful.
  25. Lizbethj

    Soft foods ?

    1 month post op down 30 lbs also still stalled lol . Anyways Monday I start my soft foods stage . What did you have or soft foods ? Grocery list ?
  26. I start my pre op diet on Monday and have been having protein shakes to prep. The thought of the number of protein shakes I am going to have to drink over the next few weeks/months has started to give me anxiety. My concerns are when I have to go to 4oz and sip slowly its going to taste awful from just sitting there. I am mentally preparing to get through these major changes but already feeling obstacles.
  27. I am in Atlanta and need to stay close to home for various reasons. Anyone had a sleeve in ATL and self payed? If so ... where, price, and experience?
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