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  2. Lamachine12

    Low Energy Levels 1st week

    Hi, I had my surgery on Tuesday. I feel a lot like PamPita1. I have moderate nausea and my throat is still a little sore. I have very low energy but i also have not been drinking as much as i should. Should i be taking the chewable vitamins i have yet? Thanks for any advice! :)
  3. Frustr8

    Liver Shrink Diet

    And I did the entire month of August 2018 because I desired the best outcome, I believe it was worth the sacrifice.
  4. Frustr8

    It is getting real

    Congratulations on becoming a potential June Bug, may your surgery bring you all you desire.😝🌹
  5. Mine didn't say anything either, guess I could have shaved anything I wanted as long as it wasn't my abdomen. And I couldn't use Hibiclenz so did alternate plan with Dial Gold Liquid. Pits and legs were smooth, I'm more traditional , lady bits stayed au natural, since I'm a natural Redhead not THAT THICK there in first place! That is, if anyone required my testimony on this subject.
  6. Finally got to try the unjury unflavored. I tried making the high protein SF Jello, while barely tolerable I am struggling to get it down. My level of anxiety with this is getting worse.
  7. I was up within 2 hours of my surgery walking the halls! Now 1 month out still no issues!!
  8. LynnV1964

    Weight maintenance

    I know. It’s hard to wrap my head around this. Scared I’m going to mess up and gain too much.
  9. Don't mind people who say that you are taking the easy way out. Going under anesthesia and all the test and planning is not the easy way out. I am going to strut into work with no high blood pressure, no prediabetic like I was on the runway at a NYC fashion show.
  10. Stay in your lane, Orchids. 😉😉 Jokes that bomb on this forum are usually my job. 😆
  11. Yes indeedy. Too much MRSA and MSSA floating around in the hospital. They don't want to risk any open sores.
  12. SusieQ2019

    (ms.sss) 6 Month Post-op Update

    I am definitely going to take your advice by journaling everything I eat. It seems to be the best form of accountability. My program suggested 5000mg biotin chewable for hairloss and nails.
  13. Wow! Look at you go girl!!! You're a rockstar!!! Go go gadget!
  14. Almost to 60 hours! Around 40 hours I started to feel weird but I took a walk and got some smart water and made it through. Salt has definitely been my buddy this fast.
  15. I wasn't told that but gtk. I suggest getting a wax anyway about two weeks before surgery. Treat yourself to the waxing and you won't have to worry about shaving for 6 weeks. The new hard was doesn't hurt at all.
  16. I'm also pre-op and have this question. I plan on taking a week or a week and a half of vacation, then go back to work. I have excellent disability and FMLA but honestly I don't want the questions and I don't plan to tell people I have weight loss surgery. The people judging me for taking the easy way out...arghhhh. Just going to say I am eating less and moving more, which is the truth.
  17. FluffyChix

    Food Before and After Photos

    I understand! ((hugs)) How'd it go with it this time?
  18. FluffyChix

    Extreme Measures

    WTG! That's awesome progress!!! You got this!
  19. SusieQ2019

    Surgery tomorrow, anyone else?

    Congratulations, and wishing you an easy and safe recovery!!!
  20. I was encouraged to eat real food as much as possible starting at 4 weeks and only use one protein supplement meal replacement each day if necessary
  21. GradyCat

    Pre-Op Diet Adherence

    I was too afraid to not follow surgeon's instructions to the letter, so I stuck with my pre-op diet.
  22. I had to use the antibacterial soap wipe thing but they never said anything about not shaving.
  23. GradyCat

    It is getting real

    That's great news. Good luck on your WLS journey.
  24. GradyCat

    Liver Shrink Diet

    Mine was just calorie-restriction to 1500 calories/day for two weeks prior to surgery with focus on no fatty foods.
  25. GradyCat

    Outpatient sleeve

    I didn't think it could be done outpatient because you have to do the "leak test" 24 hours afterward. I was in the hospital two nights and thank goodness for it because I was so nauseous on Day #1 post-op.
  26. GradyCat

    Surgery tomorrow, anyone else?

    Good luck and take care.
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