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  2. VSG_Me_2019

    February 2019 Sleevers?

    Same here with comparing! I'm down 30lbs as of today at 11 weeks post-op.
  3. Vivian1023

    Throat gurgling after sipping water

    Haha so weird Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
  4. At what point did your weight loss stop and steady out? I'm six months post surgery and have lost 62 lbs since surgery and 82 lbs since my highest weight. I'm still about 20 lbs away from not being overweight according to the BMI charts and the clinic I attend. My weight loss has slowed down considerably which I assume is quite normal but I'm wondering if this is it and if this is my maintenance point. Or if I can hope for more weigh loss just at a slower pace. How long after surgery did other people's weight plateau for good? Thank you!
  5. gabybab

    Its Official!

    Congrats! You are going to do great!!
  6. FluffyChix

    Throat gurgling after sipping water

    Yes. Totally normal. To this day I gurgle at times.
  7. VSG_Me_2019

    If you could close one fast food chain

    OoOoO that's an interesting question! Hmmm.. probably McDonald's or Burger King.
  8. Try to stay away from any "pureed" foods that contain sugar or other carbs like Applesauce, etc. Get a Ninja and puree fresh produce and lean proteins and you'll be good to go. Also, make sure your yogurts and snacks are as fat and calorie free as possible.
  9. Has anyone used Dr Long?
  10. VSG_Me_2019

    I didn't realize when I lost weight that _____

    I didn't realize when I lost weight that I would be so excited about pooping lol. I NEVER had issues being regular pre-surgery, in fact it was usually the opposite because I was on Metformin for PCOS. Also, I didn't realize that I would be cold all the time. Hoping that works in my favor when the Texas summer heat hits.


    The past few days have been crazy so sorry for not posting. Keeping up with the challenge. Today was my weekly weigh in and I'm 10 pounds lighter from April 1st which was my goal for this month. I'll do another weigh in on the 30th just to see how I close the month out.
  12. I had to maintain a 5% weight loss over 6 months in order to get approved. If you don't, they also required a 6 month food diary that would be reviewed to see why you didn't lose the 5%. The easy part was losing what I needed to initially, the hard part was maintaining it for 6 months. Good luck to you
  13. Sosewsue61

    BCBS but employer opted out

    What state are you in? Depending on income levels you might qualify for assistance through a different route? Could you sign up for ACA and opt out of employer insurance for one year or get a rider added to BCBS on your own and wait the required time before allowed surgery? And it's insane that a hospital opted out of bariatric coverage.
  14. Sosewsue61

    Gastric sleeve revision?

    The only way to know is for your surgeon to order tests to see if you stretched it out. But again it won't fix your head, get that fixed first - start now to do that. We will always have bumps in the road, but you have to stay on the road forever, there is no getting off. Good luck.
  15. The biggest reason is the diuretic effect. Dehydration can be a big a problem post-op. Another reason some Dr's say to refrain immediately after surgery is because they want to reduce the acid in your stomach during healing to help prevent post-op ulcers. Some argue the acid amount in coffee is minuscule as compared to orange juice, etc.. and the diuretic effect from the caffeine can be counter balanced if you're able to consume plenty of water with no problems.
  16. @Heidihoo how is it going? I find just getting back to mindful behaviors - no eating anywhere but the kitchen table, no random snacking, etc is a good starting point. I am glad you are in therapy. You might check out Peter Michaelson https://whywesuffer.com/exposing-the-roots-of-emotional-suffering/ It might help in between sessions. He has some great insights into how to overcome our 'stuck selves', it's very intense. Good luck.
  17. Briswife15

    Outpatient sleeve

    Never heard of outpatient bariatric surgery! Glad it worked out well for you. I spent 2 nights in the hospital because I was not allowed anything by mouth for 24 hours. No leak test done though. Interesting how surgeons are so different! Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  18. Vivian1023

    Throat gurgling after sipping water

    Yeah I believe its 64oz I was just curious if other people are hitting that goal right away Sent from my SM-G930V using BariatricPal mobile app
  19. So I literally just had the same question and I have no idea. I didn’t question it and just followed the instructions. Im fairly young (35) and thought that since i hope to have many years left with this stomach I would just abstain for three months and go back once i can ... and i soooooo enjoyed the coffee i had yesterday, my first cup since December (i quit early because i had a string of awful infections before surgery and resorted to having hot toddies instead of coffee haha)
  20. VSG_Me_2019

    "Just Overweight!"

    Congrats!! I can't wait to get to that point- it has been YEARS!
  21. Briswife15

    Throat gurgling after sipping water

    Vivian, dud did your surgeon's office give you any guidelines on how many ounces of liquid you should aim for each day? Mine is at least 64 oz with the more the better. Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
  22. VSG_Me_2019

    Under 25 and choosing this?!

    I'm 28 and just had VSG in February, which was right after my bday. The only person that said anything about my age was my mother, who has also been overweight my whole life and was the last person I expected to get s*** from since she knows my history.
  23. Do you know why we can’t have caffeine after surgery?
  24. Kingb40

    Who else is terrified of plastics?!

    I had a TT done 6 years ago and I don’t even notice my scar, I can wear a bikini and it still covers it. Best decision I ever made...I have my breast lift and implants with an arm lift scheduled for the 17th of May. I’m not worried about the scars from my boobs but am concerned about the scars from the arm lift, I have done a lot of research and I think I will be more happy with the scar then my cottage cheese wings! Keep us updated, I can t wait to see how it goes.
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