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  2. Healthy_life2

    Foodies - honestly how bad is it?

    Straight talk…Get a copy of your surgeons/directions plan and food progression for clarification. You need to know if this is something you can stick to. You have to want this enough to change. I hope you go into this with realistic expectations. Just because a few people on this site can eat anything and not gain weight does not mean that will be your personal experience. Many don’t keep the weight off long term eating what they want and relying on restriction alone. If you eat off plan and notice it slows/stops your weight loss you many need to stick to your dietician food plan. (read all the posts on regain and revision) I’m five years out. I maintain in the 130’s. I had to work for this. I followed my plan. I was consistent not perfect. I got to goal in six months ( not the norm with the sleeve) How bad is it if you enjoy food? I love food and I don’t feel deprived. I enjoy trying new recipes and ingredients. I make healthy versions of old favorites. I go to restaurants and social events. It easy to find protein and veggies and other items on my plan that keep me in weight loss mode. I also stay within my weight loss/ maintaining calories and macros. Your diet will change when you go into maintenance mode. You will be adding more carbs and can indulge within reason. Stomach issues: Most sleeves can tolerate anything without dumping syndrome (sleeve surgery intestines are not altered) Other surgeries once sugar hits the intestine they dump. Only my opinion. If you can’t control sugar and food choices, the sleeve many not be a good fit for you.
  3. Sosewsue61

    Weird Aches and Pains

    The big stomach pulls on your back, and when you lose weight that all shifts around, you sit and walk differently. Some people remark that they are suddenly taller because they are not stooped over and leaning on everything. Hard chairs kill my butt now, way less padding. Get ready, there are many more exciting changes.
  4. tatti2019

    MAY 2019 Sleevers

    I’m at the hosp waiting my turn for surgery!
  5. I hope this video will play! I copied it from The Facebook. hehe!
  6. Sosewsue61


    When you need to renew your Driver's License.... And you are smaller than the weight you lied about weighing last time. Last time I subtracted 40 lbs LOL
  7. FluffyChix

    Foodies - honestly how bad is it?

    You're a rock star girlie!!! Woot!!!
  8. Sosewsue61

    Two years four month post op

    That skinny girl on the right looks like your younger sister!
  9. You look sooo cute in that dress! You can do it, go ALL the way girl!
  10. Sosewsue61

    This picture shocked me

    Wahoo! Rock it girl!
  11. Lifeafter40


    Ok now I have my surgery date which is June 3 however I paid my doctor the $221.27 for whatever I had to pay I can’t remember. Now today the hospital called and informed me that I have to pay 2,821.00 on the date of my surgery or I can’t have it. I told that lady why in the hell would I just not receive this information some people don’t have that type of money. She said we will only accept half and we will bill you for the rest ok but still I don’t have $1400. This is crazy because I should have known this information way before now. When I had the sleeve my doctor had the hospital to tell me what I would have to pay out of pocket and they put me on a three month payment plan before I had my surgery. I actually thought that I wouldn’t have to pay since it was deem medical reason for the revision to bypass. My insurance company said that I hadn’t met my in network out of pocket deductible which is $5,500 some of these insurance companies are complete riff off.
  12. stabbymcduck

    MAY 2019 Sleevers

    My surgery was on May 7 and I feel so good now! I'm back to work this week (took 2 weeks off) and I was tired the first few days. Luckily I'm able to work from home some of the time, so I worked from home and took lunch time naps. At my two week checkup my surgeon told me to get some B12 and I don't need to nap as much now. Sip sip sip!
  13. teachkdz0507

    Gastric Sleeve to Bypass revision

    Hi Friends- I am so grateful for this community and the friends I made along the way when this journey first started. I should have reached out when all the trouble became serious but I hunkered down and surrounded myself with blame and embarrassment. I am glad I reached out because I have found out WE ARE NOT ALONE! People that I knew from my initial surgery support group (7 years ago) are having the same issues! It is a relief to know it isn't just me on the struggle bus. The reflux and malabsorption are huge for way more than I ever thought. The regain of 50% or more is quite a common story. We all admit that we fell off the ride but we also maintain that our tool wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. My personal opinion is that we all were on the early end of the adoption of using the sleeve as a stand-alone procedure. It used to be a step before RNY for the heaviest of patients. I think they are finding out that many of us need to do the RNY, after all, to meet our weight goal and get rid of those pesky side effects. Honestly, making goal does sound good but fixing the way I feel daily is a much bigger incentive. If I get some weight off along the way then that is a nice benefit. My one "down" side is that my new surgeon is part of a practice that I am getting the feeling likes to do a lot of suggestive selling. I think they make you do things before they will get the insurance done. I am an avid tennis player. Seeing their exercise person is not what I need but they are going to make me lift weights. I would much rather spend my money to buy tennis clinics to help me shape up at something I enjoy doing. They do have monthly nights with local chefs to learn how to cook healthy and bariatric friendly meals. I can get behind that 100%. Teach me how and I can do it. I will try my best to get on board with their plan. The old plan obviously didn't work for me. Finally on the calendar for my first visit on June 6. Wish me luck at the appointment. I did want to ask them about what a functional doc said to me. Tell me if any of you have heard this before. The functional doc believes my issue (and other gastric patients) is LOW acid not too much acid. He said it will mimic the same feeling as heartburn because my food isn't digesting properly due to a lack of acid and breaking down naturally as it should. Thus the malabsorption. He believes that in turn causes inflammation of the stomach and intestines which makes eating even that much harder. Enter the gas, belching, feeling full too soon, diarrhea issues... IF he is right, he wants me to add a supplement that will increase the acid in my stomach. I am so afraid to do that because I feel so awful now. Has anyone else heard this explanation? Did you try this? He said any brand of Betaine HCL Pepsin will work. I might try it this weekend to see if it works. Heads up...we can turn our ships around and be victorious. I am so glad I am not the sole person on this journey. Happy Memorial Day! Teachkdz0507
  14. I had horrible GERD and my surgeon explained that the RnY procedure has been used to treat acid reflux in the past successfully. I haven't had one GERD episode since. My quality of life has seriously increased. Secondly, not that I am trying to be negative but I have done the whole I am dieting and being successful this time it is going to stick and nope. I just wish someone had pulled on my coat tails two years ago when I weighed 200lbs. You have to do what is best for you at then end of the day. Congrats for all the hard work (you still have to work with wls you just have a heavy lighting tool the first year) and continued success wherever your path leads.
  15. Jdanzey

    May 2019 Surgeries 🎉

    April 30– very easy
  16. chunkymonkey123

    Hyperthyroid before vsg surgery

    I honestly don't mind losing slow ! As long as I lose, I've heard if you lose slow you will have less excess skin.
  17. Christina090321

    Hyperthyroid before vsg surgery

    I had the same problem. I am losing weight but it’s coming off slow! I’ve only lost 37 lb since surgery. I met with my dietitian and she recommended that I eat ever two hours 2oz portions lots of protein . So breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. And in between each meal drink water.
  18. I saw him Tuesday and sent a message today. Sometimes it’s good to here from people who have BTDT
  19. MrsGamgee

    May 2019 Surgeries 🎉

    Things here are moving along, both literally and figuratively. It took almost a week to have a bowel movement, but things are much happier in that regard now. Eating is going well, no aversions or rejected food so far. Very close to getting my water target, but still missing my protein target by a lot. Still getting tired really easily, and figuring out how and when to take my meds and vitamins is like choreographing a major invasion. But overall, I'm happier than I expected to be a week after surgery. Looking forward to getting out of the house for a bit on the weekend. Hope everyone else is doing well! Sent from my SM-G960W using BariatricPal mobile app
  20. Today
  21. Time to give your surgeon a call I think
  22. Sberryblond

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Were almost surgery twins! My VGS was on 4/15. My HW was 227, pre-surg 218 and I’m at 198 now (I’m 5’1”). I’ve felt the same way, especially since I was at 199 for 5 days! But I’m down 2 shirt sizes and 1 pant size, so I know I’m losing! Just trying to stay positive...get to start regular foods Monday!
  23. MrsGamgee

    ❤ MAY 2019 CHALLENGE❤

    "I had to eat my salad naked, and it wasn't nearly as yum." Bahahahaha! Sent from my SM-G960W using BariatricPal mobile app
  24. chunkymonkey123

    Hyperthyroid before vsg surgery

    Have you still been losing weight ? I have had problems losing weight for years due to my hypothyroid, I am hoping that after surgery this won't be the case.
  25. chunkymonkey123

    Losing weight before surgery

    Thank you for the replies, I as well think that even if I lose weight I will eventually gain it back.
  26. Jillybean526

    April 2019 Surgeries!

    Update had my 1 month checkup- weigh in on 5/16. I have lost another 3lbs since then and am at 201. That is a total of 37lbs from my starting weight. Just a couple more pounds to go to be out of the 200's for the first time in years. I just keep telling myself every lb. Lost is a step in the right direction. Sent from my SM-N960U using BariatricPal mobile app
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