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    • MowryRocks

      I'll be 9 months post op this week, 90lbs down.  I've been stalled at 200lbs since 07/01/2017, just waiting for the descent into Onderland.  Staying on plan and working out 5 days a week since mid-June and nothing...not an ounce.  Was looking over my fitbit data today and noticed that since the first my body fat percentage has dropped from 42.5 to 37.2%, so that's something!
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      1. OutsideMatchInside

        I bounced around at 200,201,202 for what seemed like a long time, I can't remember how long it was now, maybe 2-3 weeks, maybe a week. Then I never hit 199, I was 198, lol.

    • Jeffrey Stern

      It seems I've hit raw nerve with Greensleevie. According to her everyone fails at the bariatric surgery no matter what. And only she knows better because she has experience so all the doctors and nutritionists and all the programs that the hospital has put me through to make sure I do have a successful outcome are full of crap because Greensleevie says so. 
       So what is the point of going through all this if there is no hope for a successful outcome.  According to her I don't have the will to have a good outcome. I MUST FAIL and she says so. Weeee goes a very sad and depressing road to no where. So if she fails or has a hard go of it...than everyone else must follow suit. NO ONE can have a positive experience and have good and healthy life after bariatric surgery. Again what's the point of going through this ??? 
      I am told I'm immature and  I protest too much because I'm a "newbie" I don't get to say how I should live my life... I must be a moron.
      Any one out there looking for positive feedback or a good role-model or some positive reinforcement look some place else... this is sickening
      I have made a conscious decision to be the best and healthiest I can be. Why does that bother people. Too much negative feed back I must say good-bye this is very sad and I won't be a part of it.  
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      1. Newme17

        I just heard a message tonight at church that might encourage you. Don't worry, it's not preachy or anything and certainly not religious. I don't do religion. Anyway, despite what this person says, you'll need to do your best to let it roll off your shoulders. So, part of the message was "do everything for an audience of One" (for me, that means do everything I do for God alone). But let's apply this to your situation, heck...everyone's situations with the naysayers or super opinionated (there way or the highway type) everything you need to do for your weight loss/surgery for the audience of one...yourself! Do you know the truth of how things are going with YOUR journey? YES Are they working for you? YES Are you lighter, happier, healthier? YES. The questions can go on. What I'm saying is, despite how anyone else may come across based on their own journeys, failures and successes, you will need to be mindful that your journey is the only one that matters. So, just let it roll....easier said than done, I know it! But you have the choice to let it not bother you. You have the choice to know these are lies for you and not believe them. Which I don't think you do. You have the choice to forget and forgive and move on. Will you choose to do that? :) Blessings to you hon. I enjoy your statuses, posts, concerns, and opinions here. Stay on board for the rest of us, huh?

      2. Apple1

        @Jeffrey Stern listen to those words of wisdom from @Newme17

        Don't let the words of one persons opinion bother you. I see both points and I agree that sometimes people think just because their journey went a certain way that everyone is going to have just as hard a journey, and that just isn't possible or even logical.

        I believe you will succeed and if you believe it, that is all that matters.

    • bayougirlmrsc

      i got so depressed last night.... As some of you know i got divorced at the beginning of the year.  I'm now in the process of cleaning out my house to sell  .... I was going through the filing cabinet. Files of house stuff like appliances, ac, insurances... etc.... then i got to the files of crap that my ex bought for himself... boats, all the **** that goes with it... troll motors, 150-200$ reals.. 100 rods... hundreds on fishing tackle.. Stereo systems for every veh HE owned.. (not my car), guns, camera's..$3000-6000 ... Lens, just one of which was $8000... I could go on and on.... but what really got to me, was in that entire file cabinet... I had 1 sheet of paper... not even a file... one sheet... my wedding ring that he bought for 1900 bucks.... that was it... it's all i had to show for 26 years of marriage.  All I could do was sit and cry.or 26 years of marriage.
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      1. proudgrammy

        sorry about your trip down "memory lane"

        your reminders of your past - i know you've

        moved on, boyfriend/met his parents - things

        are going your way FINALLY. I don't begrudge

        your anger, sadness, tears etc. , continue to restore your life -

        you are at GOAL, lost 100 lbs (?) i think

        you look terrific too!!:rolleyes:kathy

      2. BigViffer

        Just affirmation that you have done the right thing Bayou. One can never truly appreciate the good days without the bad. Now you'll appreciate everything and see them for their true worth.

    • AdorableAsian34  »  Barbara1972

      Just follow what your dr tells you and it will be rough at first but well worth it. I feel so much better. Everyone's body is different. I did lots of reaserch. I hope I do not get belittled on here anymore. We are supposed to encourage and uplift. I am now in week 12 and have lost almost 80 lbs and i feel great!  I had the divided RNY. Inhad amazing drs!
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    • AdorableAsian34  »  Barbara1972

      I have eaten a coulle things that were sweet just trying to see what happened. I have had some issues with not having a regular bowel movement cause RNY do not get enough fiber so I was on purpose trying to produce dumping syndrome and instead i felt like i had the flue nausea, sweating, fatigue, it finally went away. The best thing i ever did was go to whole food after trying many different things and get probiotics and now everythings greats!  i stick to the strict diet. but its been ok so far. ive had some pretty mean people make fun of me on here. but i wish you the best of luck!
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      1. AdorableAsian34

        a couple*

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