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Food and Nutrition

This forum is for questions about food and nutrition before and after all types of weight loss surgeries. Check out the sub-forums to see if there is a more specific place for your post, to help people find information more easily.


  1. Pre-op Diets and Questions

    This forum is for questions about the pre-op diets before all weight loss surgery types. This is not for recipes. Use the Recipe Sharing forum and sub-forums instead.

  2. Post-op Diets and Questions

    This forum is for questions about your post-op weight loss surgery diet. The post-op guidelines may vary by surgery and by surgeon. This is not for recipes. Use the Recipe Sharing forum and sub-forums instead.

  3. Protein, Vitamins, and Supplements

    This forum is for questions about protein shakes and powders, vitamins, and other supplements for weight loss surgery patients.

  4. Vegetarian or Vegan Eating

    This is a place where the emphasis is on supporting vegetarian and/or vegan styles of eating in terms of bariatric surgery and nutrients. No meat vs. non meat bashing, trash talk or the like are allowed. All are welcome in support of getting in your healthy veggies and fruit. Please feel free to ask questions.

  5. Recipe Sharing

    The sub-forums here are for sharing recipes. There are two different main sections: diet phase and special diet needs. Note that in most cases, a higher diet phase allows foods from lower phases (you can have a full liquid even if you are on solids), so put the recipe in the minimum phase where it can be eaten.


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    • GreenTealael

      Happy Passover !
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    • SabrinaGoddess

      My life is WONDERFUL
      Four Months and Life is GRAND
      It's been a while since I checked in, but to be honest I have been enjoying life so much I have just been taking the time to smell the roses.
      But it's time to let you know how things are!.
      Check out my new blog post at:
      I'm over the halfway mark to my weight goal!

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    • Krestel

      Just saw this on Youtube about the Quarantine and weight loss:
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    • zombierayvinn

      I am almost 8 weeks post op and I am down to 157 from 202. I have been struggling with nausea but not vomiting. Anyone else having this happen?
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      1. Bastian

        After having horrendous nausea I did some reading and it seems quite common. Especially if you have ruled out eating too fast/too big a mouthful. Also drinking too soon will make you feel sick. I now take 2 antiemetics to help with my nausea, hopefully yours is just that you need to slow down eating etc

      2. BayougirlMrsS

        agree with the above. start a log of what and when you eat/drink

      3. zombierayvinn

        Thank you. I get the nausea throughout the day and night its kind of weird.

      4. BayougirlMrsS

        do you set a timer? This is also a hard one or me. During the time between the band removal and sleeve i got back into the habit of drinking with meals..... water, coffee, wine, cocktails.

        I find myself forgetting. In the past months i only threw up twice... so thats good, but i have felt nausea a few times. So now i set a timer on my phone or if im home, i use Alexa.

    • WInston223322

      Been a hell of a good Journey and thanx to all 
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