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How to eat at McDonald's after the sleeve....

Started by Coookies, Jul 10, 2011 4:38 AM
53 replies to this topic
53 replies to this topic

    chef neil

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Posted July 11, 2011 - 3:33 PM

I'm planning to save my lunch money and never eat there again

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Posted July 11, 2011 - 4:04 PM

I love reading this post. I am glad everyone can be honest enough and share even if they don't agree with the rest. I am just over two months out and I just don't crave fast food like I did before. Before it was almost a daily thing, sometimes even twice a day especially late nite after work to just swing by Mc'Ds was quick fast and easy. I will admit I have stopped for food at wendy's twice. Once during mushy stages and got the chili it was great. Also, recently for breakfast I got the egg n' sausage burrito from the $1. Peel the tortilla and ate the insides. It was great. I think as long as you are consicious about making better choices and not overeating in the end you will be just fine. It is very apparent everyone on here made the better choice not including or limiting fries, no sugar, no bread/less carb versions of what they wanted. For me it was the everyday or several times a week habit with 2 mcdoubles, a mcchicken, of course fries and a large drink, oh and maybe an apple pie if I felt I deserved it after work that got me so big. Not the occasion piece of chx and lettuce. Congrats to all of you out there living your lives. We didn't make this choice to change who we are and stop living, but to better ourselves and become heathier verisions of us.

Hell yea to the sleeve!!!
Please like my comment if you agree, Thx


    I'm still learning how to be the new me ...

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Posted July 11, 2011 - 4:20 PM

In "maintenance", I find myself at McD's 2 or 3 times a month. My favorite meal? Hamburger (minus those rehydrated onions - yuck!) with only the top bun with mustard, ketchup, and pickle. Apple Dippers (no caramel sauce) and 2 or 3 french fries. Gives me that "Fast Food" fix and is fairly "healthy". Sodium is not an issue for me since I have low blood pressure & I've been encouraged to add salt.

If you want to decree NO FAST FOOD EVER AGAIN ... good for you. (In fact, I wish I had your willpower! :rolleyes: ) It's just not part of my reality with running kids around, having a husband that races a Pro3 Car all over the Northwest, and just an overall busy life. I make the best choices I can where I find myself. And some days, I decide not to make a "good" choice - I limit these times and it seems to be working for me.


    Bariatric Master

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Posted July 11, 2011 - 4:25 PM

I've only ate the one time at Chick fila and then Outback for my anniversary. All the things I listed earlier are just "options" if anyone were to get stuck out and have to get something. Choosing alternatives to my previous unhealthy choices are a vital part of my journey. I honestly think it is unrealistic for me personally to say I will never have McD's or BK again. I have a teenager. lol. And I know fast food isn't healthy for her either, unless we make the better choices. And we certainly don't/won't go as often as we used to. Fast food definitely contributed to the problems with my health and weight that I have now, and I actually enjoy and prefer staying at home to prepare things so I have more control over what I am putting in my mouth. I love having control over food rather than the other way around, it's so liberating!!


    Living the Sleeve!

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Posted July 11, 2011 - 5:48 PM

Mcdonalds, only been there once since surgery,, not my choice. Got the fruit and nut salad.

My only other fast food is Taco Bell, Chicken Fresco taco.


    Registered User

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Posted July 12, 2011 - 3:06 AM

I'm about a year and a half out and eat at McDonald's maybe one every two or three months. I either have the grilled chicken salad or four chicken nuggets (no fries, I can just about manage the four nuggets over a half an hour period). I tried a hamburger for the second time after surgely perhaps three months ago and it made me feel ill.


    Sleeve Believer

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Posted July 12, 2011 - 8:18 AM

Starygirl, thanks for the post, it was a good resource. . . i went to McD's one morning thinking i would "give it a try" (this was last week) I'm out now almost 2 years (I've not had a ordered hamburger in almost 2 years!) . . i ordered a breakfast mcmuffin with sausage and egg. . . took a bit, chewed, swallowed, and puked so violently i thought for sure my tummy came out with that . . . i think quite honestly, I would rather be starving then eat McD's ever again. . . but thanks for the info!


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Posted July 12, 2011 - 11:29 AM

I do go to McDonalds occasionally and these are my options:

1 chicken wrap (I eat half of it)
Chesebuerger plain (I remove one slice of bread and eat about 3/4 of the rest.
2 chicken nuggets (my kid eats the other 4)
I do drink a bit of diet coke and enjoy it. I had no problems with it but I drink about 50mls only. I may eat 3 fries or so.
I have tried the salad and the muffim (only half of the top) too.

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