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Sore bloated stomach

Started by bissy, Dec 11, 2010 10:50 PM
13 replies to this topic
13 replies to this topic



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  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
Posted December 11, 2010 - 10:50 PM

Im coming up 2 yrs. post op and last few months i have been getting really bloated tummy with tenderness around the port area, as thats whats causing the bloatedness it will last around 3 to 4 days, also my tummy makes a really loud grumbly noise. My stomach hurts with every step i take. My Doctor says he has not heard of this and doesn't not seem overly concerned. Has any one else had this problem?


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Posted December 14, 2010 - 5:55 PM

Hi - I am not sure if we are experiencing the same thing (I am about to put a post out for any help I can get). I have been having a burning sensation with lots of gurgling in my stomach. The burning is painful and I am uncomfortable all the time. I am hungry but afraid to eat because that is when the burning gets worse. I have an ensure and feel a little better but then I almost feel too full (makes no sense). I had been getting better but went in for a fill last Thursday and the pain was back by that night. I went for an unfill yesterday and felt some relief but not enough. My doc don't know what to make of it. I saw him again today and he did not want to completely unfill me because I am not showing symptoms of being too tight. I have had an endo and an upper GI and everything comes back normal......I have been on liquids since my fill on Thursday. I have been given carafate and now pervicid to take daily as the GI doc thinks it is acid reflux although I explained that I do not have any acid coming up my throat, the burning stays in my stomach. I don't know if I should have the band removed since I don't know if it will fix the problem, especially since the docs truly don''t know what the problem is. It is very draining. I can't take care of my kids, house or even get out of bed when it is at its worse. Hopefully someone will have an answer for this soon.



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  • Location: SOUTH ISLAND
  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
Posted December 15, 2010 - 1:47 AM

It's strange the doctors can not help you, this does not sound like the same as mine, i think mine is also related sometimes to that time of month. is your pain 24/7?


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  • BMI: 30.6
Posted January 25, 2011 - 11:31 PM

Two years after banding,I had bloating and pain for 2-3 days after overeeating or eating dense food like steak. Dr and Gastro dr did tests and determined I had scar tissue issues. It was chronic for about three months. I watched what I ate, took pain pulls until it stopped. Meanwhile I watch diet carefully and I massage stomach whenever i feel episode coming on in lieu of pain pills.

    no one

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Posted April 29, 2011 - 8:14 PM

this is so interesting. I am having the same issues. It's that time of the month. My stomach feels so bloated. I have tenderness around the port and my stomach hurts like ulcers and is constantly gurgling. It almost feels like I have no muscle control in that area and my stomach is just hanging down



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Posted June 5, 2011 - 6:37 PM

I have the gurgle too, but not much pain unless I eat too much.



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  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
Posted March 10, 2012 - 8:10 PM

I'm experiencing a sore stomach and extreme bloating. It's been going on for 2 days now, Im 10 months post-op...Every time I push on my stomach it hurts even when I walk it hurts and when I lie down it's hard to lay flat. I dunno if I'm constipated or bloated or both but Im miserable! Anyone have any suggestions?



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  • Joined: Mar 2012
  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
  • Surgeon: Bradley Amson
  • Surgery Date: Sep 2010
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  • BMI: 53.3
Posted March 10, 2012 - 8:31 PM

This happens to me too. It is usually just severe gas pains. I take an anti gas and then try to "rub" out some of the air. It will happen if I am eating poorly. I think it may also happen if you drink through a straw or drink carbonated stuff. I don't but that is why.


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Posted March 11, 2012 - 10:06 AM

I have that same problem. stomach bloat,gas, gurggling,sore around the port area, and when flared up it does hurt to walk much less exercise. My Dr. says its a pulled muscle but Im doing nothing to pull it and it occurs nearly every
2-3 months. I'm out 2 yrs also. I'm past that time of the month thing so I cant put it on that...LOL. I think it does start with overeating and eating the wrong foods that starts the gas pains. The gas pains worsen to the point that laying down feels as if my stomach is bulging over and is caught in the band . Mine seem to last a couple of weeks before easing up. Anyone else's pain lasts that long? I wonder if all bandsters go through this or if this is a serious concern.



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  • Surgery: LAP-BAND
Posted March 17, 2012 - 7:04 PM

I am almost 4 years out and was overeating a few months ago. I had some severe episodes of acid reflux. I put myself on liquids until I could get in to see the doc. It was a new doc. They said my band had been way too tight for years. She unfilled it completely and as soon as I was off liquids a few days later the stomach soreness started. Severe soreness, severe bloating, couldnt even button my pants. This was AFTER the unfill and once I started eating solids. The doctor thought the band might have eroded and I had an endoscopy with the possibility of band removal. While waiting for the scope, my symptoms slowly went away, VERY slowly... I still had the scope and it turned out completely normal. During this time, I had a constant sore and red throat but NO acid reflux that I could tell. Saw throat doc who said it was acid reflux, or damage to my throat from the previous reflux. My stomach has now felt ok for two weeks but suddenly its coming back, soreness and my sore throat is also coming back.... HELP! I have had my band completely unfilled for about 5 weeks. I dont seem to have been eating too much more, but feel SO bloated. I am due to get my band refilled within the week. Wondering what that will bring...

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