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    I try to post my progress every month, I have lost a total of 152 pounds so far, I still can't believe that woman on the left was me! I hope everyone else is doing great! [emoji1320][emoji1320]
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    My wardrobe over the past many years has been varying shades of black or gray (see last pic). I have been shopping thrift stores mainly until I get to a place where my weight stabilizes, but decided I could use a couple of new items, so I decided to splurge. I bought WHITE pants!!! LOL. I know it may not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you, it really is. I've always carried so much of my weight in my butt and thighs and always chose dark colors for skirts and pants. It felt so good to buy a nice pair of white pants for spring, lol. In a size 10 no less. Squeeee!!!! 5 months out and gone from a size 18/20 in pants to a size 10!!! I am doing a celebration dance over here! No regrets!
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    SW: 244 CW: 150 GW: 140 I still sometimes think someone's playing a joke on me - after 10 years of feeling awful, my body finally feels really healthy and I'm loving what I see in the mirror. Best thing I've ever done!
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    Good bye. ..McDonald's Sweet Tea. I will miss your sweetness. You are my most favorite drink in the world. I spent good money on you week after week. But that's all over. Good bye....candy. Oh candy. Our relationship is almost 40 years old. Many times you have been my best friend. Any and all types of candy. I have loved you all. There is something so fabulous about eating candy...but the reality is that you were a bandaid to my life. If I got upset, happy, mad or sad...you were always there. But that's all over. Good bye Cool Ranch Doritos and Lime Tostitos. You two were good for a night time hang out. But that's all over. Good bye Soda...esp Wild Cherry Pepsi. I mean come on your WILD and quick and easy to find at every check out aisle in every store. But that's all over. Today I am breaking up with all of you. I am starting my Day 1 of PreOp. Your power and control over me are no more. I am ready to make new friends. Friends that will take care of my body, heal my body, nourish my body....not slowly try to kill me. You and I have had a lifetime together. But your time has ended and mine is just beginning....and you will not have any power left over me. Sincerely, The girl who loved you too much but realizes she deserves more.
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    Highest weight: 330 Surgery weight: 320 Current weight: 231 Goal weight: 160 All I can say is this weight loss feels AMAZING!! The old me is coming back and ready for it all! This journey has had its ups and downs but the best part is seeing a better me [emoji847]
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    I am so proud to say that I am now 3 months post op. I ventured into this foreign land called the gastric sleeve on Dec 5, 2016. I was nervous yet ready to have a new beginning in life. A healthier life that was more fulfilling without illnesses and aches all the time. Well, this 3 months has been a true roller coaster but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I started my journey out at 242 lbs pre- op. On the day of my surgery I was down to 219 lbs with the help of my dietician( I was very serious about my dietician's recommendations on diet changes ). When I awoke from surgery, I was so confused and in so much pain . I immediately regretted surgery,, lol. But after a couple of days I started to embrace my new lifestyle. I am 3 months out and today I am 176 lbs.....yayyy. Double screen pic was right after surgery and then 1 month after surgery and pics in white are most recent.
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    So I just thought I'd share a before and after pic. I still have about 40 pounds to lose but I'm happy with my progress. Ignore my facial expressions.
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    I know to some, this might even seem silly... but for several years, I've been over 300 lbs. Before I even decided on this route, I'd been trying every damn diet i could think of to lose weight. I remember 3 times, or got down to the verge of getting under 300 lbs. But I never could quite tip the scale. I'd teeter totter on the edge, but never made it under. The day I started the pre-op diet, I was 333.6 lbs. March 6th, the day of surgery, I was 310.2 Today, I weighed, and I am 298.0 I realize it's just 35 lbs and I still have a long road, but I cried. I haven't seen less than 300 lbs on the scale in over 3 years. I'm so grateful. For the first time, I actually feel like I got this. And I am so glad for this app. I just had to share my joy with someone. I felt like I was about to pop.
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    I can't believe it's been almost 9 months since this life changing event for me! It wasn't until I put these photos beside each other that I realised just how do different I look. HW - 140kg or 310lbs SW - 132.5kg or 291lbs CW - 84kg or 185lbs Surgery Date - 7 June 2016 I've dropped 10 dress sizes and lost 54kg or 120lbs and am now wearing and Australian size 12 top and bottom. I've never been a size 12 in my entire adult life After having a pretty shit year last year, I'm so glad I did this I can pretty much eat anything now, just obviously in much smaller quantities.
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    Well today is my year 1 surgeversery. I will try to keep it short, but all I can say is I am so happy I did the surgery. I am so much healthier. I need to do the measurements. I am just 1 pound shy of my goal. I started at 240 and today I was 141. I am very happy with my progress. I just got home from Switzerland where my "good time" was doing a 6 mile run along the Rhine instead of eating my way through all of their foods. I had a decadent chocolate every day and that was ok. The old me would have bought boxes of chocolates as presents to bring home and would have eaten them all in the middle of the night. I am thankful everyday for this. I am going to be brave and post pictures. My friend stored my before pictures which are actually about 3 weeks post surgery because I couldn't stand looking at them. She texted them to me today and told me not to be upset and think how far I came. I was more sad at the thought that I let myself go through life for years like that and missed out on all of the happiness I have been feeling since the weight loss. I am 3 weeks away from my 46th birthday and I feel younger now than in my 30's. The happiness I feel now comes from feeling so healthy and strong and sporty . So cheers to me And cheers to you! Without the support of you great people I couldn't have done it. And cheers to you newbies who are on this site researching wls. I won't tell you what to do as it is a personal choice, but I can say healthy is the new sexy. The after pics are 1: after my 3rd 5k and 2: my pilates studio Christmas party Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
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    As I lose the weight, now down 70lbs, I expect more and more people to notice and make a positive comment about it. (The exact opposite thought when I was gaining my weight.) I was with family and friends last week and their reaction was minimal. I was a little bothered by the lack of reaction, and then realized how hypocritical it is of me to want reactions now, but a few short months ago I did not want any attention given to my physical condition. A- I am still 280, so it's not like I am skinny. B- I am wearing smaller size clothes, so my stomach (flat tire) is still visible. C- it's ok for now as I am only ½ way, and even if no one notices, I do and that is enough. During that same week we went as a family to Knotts berry farm, I was able to fit on all the rides and roller coasters with my daughters which was a big deal to me personally. I am currently not a slave to my cravings and feel a since of freedom I haven't felt for a very long time. Do I want people to still notice, yes. But it was a good lesson to learn, I don't need it. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
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    Just a little motivation for those of you just starting. If I can do it anyone can. It takes work, everyday good choices, but the sleeve helps!!! I love that even when I mentally crave something outside my normal eating routine, the smallest portion fills me up and I'm satisfied. A few pics. First before and after VSG. Second before and after 360 LBL. Still amazes me how can that be me!!!!!! But it is. Best wishes to those starting your journey. You can do it!!!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
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    Your sign should be that you had your measured/weighed portion. You can't really depend on your body to tell you. Once your body signals you, you aren't full you have over ate. There are a lot of threads about this if you use search, but... It varies by person. Some people get a running nose, some hiccups, burping. Early on the nerves are not reconnected (your Dr should talk to you about this but a lot of them aren't that good and don't), so you can't depend on feelings from your stomach. Also like I said before, by the time you get the signal to your brain you have over eaten. You do not want to depend on feeling full long term. It is a recipe for overeating and regain. You need to learn to eat proper measured/weighed portions and being satisfied with those, so long term when you can eat more, you don't. Example I can eat 6 ounces of steak before I get stuffed, but a proper portion is 3-4 ounces (not just for sleevers but for everyone, people are not eating proper portions). 3-4 ounces will satisfy me for hours, and provides enough protein. If I just relied on my feeling of fullness I could over eat a proper portion at every meal. Creating good habits in the very beginning makes it easier to follow them later on. Right after surgery your tool is working the hardest to support your good choices. As time goes on and you heal and have more capacity and less fear of food, you will have less support from your tool, and will have to depend on the good habits that you have built over time.
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    Thank you Lord for blessing me with a successful year of weight loss! I am 4LBS away from my goal but it still feels like victory for me being that I shed a whooping 144.3LBS!
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    A wise soul once told me "you lose weight to look good in clothes. You work out to look good naked." I agree! [emoji16][emoji12][emoji108]
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    So I am a year and two months post op. Thinking back, a year ago I was wondering if I made the right decision. I couldn't keep anything down, I was so exhausted, and it seemed like my surgery was more of a curse than a blessing. I couldn't eat without feeling overwhelmingly full. However, I weigh 135 lbs now and the saying is so true, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. although I still vomit after eating, it doesn't happen as often. I have to be on prescription heart burn medication for my gerd and they completely control it if I stay on top of it and other than those two issues my body has adjusted to my new "tummy" fairly well. Of course there is the little things like how I get absolutely and completely drunk off of one glass of wine (such a cheap date haha) and how easily I get dehydrated but that's really the only down side. So if you are reading this and trying to decide if you want I go through with WLS or you are newly post op and feeling discouraged, i have a few important things to tell you. This surgery was the best decision that I have ever made. My quality of life and happiness is so much different. I can do things I've always wanted to do and I can go shopping and get "normal" sizes. This surgery is not an easy way out and it's going to be hard and at times you'll regret doing it, but, if you stick with it I promise you quality of life will improve so much. If you have any questions please feel free to message me, I'd love to answer any questions you may have.
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    I was sleeved on December 7th of 2016. My heavy weight was 362lbs. Around my surgery date I was around 347lbs. I'm currently at 299lbs. A total loss of 63.5lbs.
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    Today is a great day....When i started my journey I promise myself that i wasn't gonna put anything on fb but i can't help myself to be so excited that I am 60 lbs down. Thanks to my supporters.....especially my husband Ruben Martinez oh by the way Happy St. Patrick's Day[emoji256]☘[emoji256]☘
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    Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
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    I'm sleeved y'all, yes I'm feeling ok right know[emoji8]
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    Hello everyone! I usually don't create a whole topic just for myself, but today is a little special since it has been exactly one year since I've had my surgery, time sure flies, especially when you go through a physical change of this ... magnitude. In a year, I have indeed lost 53kilos (117pounds according to google). I never thought I would look like I do today and I am really glad I took the dicision of having my gastric sleeve, it has helped my health (no more sleep apneas! I can swim and bike again!), it has changed my perspective toward food (I actually prefer eating now since I don't hate myself after each meal anymore), I have changed my life habits in many ways and last but not least, I feel way happier nowadays. Here are so before after after pics Before: And these after some after pictures: So, yeah, voilà! Good luck for everyone! I know the first months are quite hard, but it was all worth it for me, and I could not be more glad about the results! Have a great day
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    I started this amazing weight loss journey on March 21, 2016 with my six month pre-op diet program, so tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the day that I began the journey to get healthier and to take back my life. As I wrap this year up, I have lost 182 pounds (99 during the pre-op diet program and 83 since the surgery on September 28, 2016). The time has just flown by, and it amazes me every day how much my life is different. I had my annual physical with my PCP last Thursday, and my labs came back this morning. Everything is in the normal range. That is also so cool. The bottom line is that all of the hard work is worth it. My relationship with food is now a healthy one. I am no longer obese. Life is good! I have 35 more pounds to lose, and my journey continues. But I am proud to stop and reflect for a moment about this past year of working on a better me, and to look forward to getting the rest of this weight off by summer, and then entering the world of maintenance. Best wishes to all, wherever you may be in your journey!
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    I am tomorrow. Checking in at 845. I am nervous too. Like I researched and feel prepared but honestly feel like I can't expect it until I go through with it. But we got this. We are stronger than our food addiction. We deserve a new and better life.
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    So I don't always track what I eat in fact I rarely do. In the beginning ( nearly 14 weeks ago) I was so in tune with what I was having. Gradually that has worn off. The weight was coming off slowly so tracking didn't seem to matter. Then started the bit n pieces of "slider" foods. I had read about this in others stories and would think "oh never would I let myself be like that".... how wrong I was. The potato chips and small biscuits seem to go down with no issues. I wasn't sick and it didn't fill me up so what was the problem. Peanut paste then started to become a favourite snack straight off the spoon. It's ok it's protein!!.. Icecream was another easy food to go down and it seemed to help my sweet cravings as I was only having a little so what did it matter?.. A bit here and there soon became more and more!!.. Today i decided to track what I had eaten as best I could.. to own what I was doing.. the damage I was doing. You see like most of us here that decided to get this procedure I have a food addiction. Something that is NOT fixed by having a sleeve. They take some of your stomach not the part of your brain that controls this. I have really no clue how to fix it but maybe the best I can do is to some how control it. That's hard!!.. Nope I didn't have counselling before my sleeve to help me. I honestly thought I could do it alone. I feel now I am more consumed with "food" then I ever was. What a shit position to be in. So today I was so over my Carb intake it was terrible. My protein intake low... and my fats should of been more. If I was counting calories I'd say at 1400 Cals was too much for me. But from now and into tomorrow and beyond I shall be accountable for what I put into my mouth. Yeah I'll stuff up a little but mostly I shall be on track. Food addiction is a hard one as we need it to survive and can't get away from it..
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    Comparing yourself to other people doesn't help. Everyone has different start weights and biology that is going to affect how they are losing. It is better to look at how you are eating. Are you tracking all of your food? Are you weighing/measuring all your portions? What are your macros? Protein grams? Carb grams? That is the stuff that is going to determine how fast you are losing weight. I lost 66 pounds in my first 4 months. I also started with a BMI of 60. If you start with a lower BMI you are going to lose less. No one in the world is going to think 10 pounds a month is slow weight loss. People are grossly unrealistic about how fast you lose weight post op with WLS.
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    Plastic surgery in the Dominican. Tummy tuck with muscle repair, breast lift and augmentation, general liposuction and fat transfer/body sculpting to hips and butt. If you would like more information please contact me [emoji4]
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    Wow...what a journey! I remember the dreaded 6 months pre-op and now I am 6 months post-op! Started at 260 and am now 175. Down 85lbs. About another 30 or so to go! So weird to be only 30lbs away from the end goal. Never in my life....
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    The last 4 weeks have flown bye for me! I had my sleeve on February 15th and things went very well. I had a few days of pain, and it took the whole week to feel confident with my liquid diet. At three weeks I was able to move onto soft food and so far I have tolerated everything I have ate. The best part is I have lost a total of 30 pounds in 4 weeks! I feel amazing, and am already thankful for this surgery. I hope to continue on my journey and become the healthiest version of myself. I'm thankful for everyone's posts and information who prepared me for this new life journey, it really is quite the ride.
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    A) To your insurance company, you are not an individual. They cater to the least common denominator to make sure everyone has your nutrition knowledge - in their minds, it's better to over-educate you than under-educate someone else. Given some of the questions I've seen on here over the last several months, some people still aren't getting enough education. To your quote I left above - ever think that's the point? A six month wait is a giant staring contest. If you blink first and quit, they win because they don't have to pay. They hope people are overwhelmed by all the hoops and drop out. This was my surgeon's opinion too, by the way. Hang in there. You are so close to winning the staring contest a d getting what you want. Sometimes in life, we have to play games we don't want to...
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    Exercise has a lot of benefits other than weight loss. It improves heart health, lung function, blood sugar, bone density, joint strength, and lowers the risk of depression, stroke, and many types of cancer. It also helps to tone the body so that, having lost weight, you're not flabby and weak. You didn't not lose weight because you were exercising. You won't lose weight because you are exercising. But there's a lot of other benefits, and I can all but guarantee that if you don't exercise, you will not maintain weight loss down the road.
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    Here's a pictures from one year apart. I started my journey in January 2016 at 420 pounds. I only had one 6xl that shirt that fit me. My stomach was almost to my knees and was hard to walk. I had so many health problems pcos, thyroid, Autoimmunedisease, RA, pseudotumor and high blood pressure. I knew I had to change my weight. It was the cause of all my health problems. I decide to look into weightloss surgery for help with my weighloss. My insurance required me to do a 6 month supervised diet. I lost almost 80 pounds before surgery. Wasn't sleeved till July 2016. Since surgery I've drop over 70 pounds. I now weigh 273 pounds. This as been a amazing tool to help me on my journey. I no longer take any medication beside vitimans. All my health problems have went away. Down 147 pounds since January 2016 and now wear a 1x or 2x. I know I'm not anywhere near goal weight, but im halfway there. Losing weight is never easy, but not giving up is harder. HW: 420 (January 2016) CW: 273 (March 2017) Instagram: vsg_queendiet
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    Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well this morning. I am soooo excited - I hit onderland today!! I have been waiting for this moment and I'm so glad that I made the decision to have surgery. Just wish I would have done it sooner! I included a pic of when I started, and a current pic as well. Only 8 more pounds to go until I am 100 pounds down. Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend.
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    My self-proclaimed therapist response is, get new friends and your life will blossom again. No need to rush out and go looking, as "birds of a feather flock together". My advice is... have the confidence to know, your social life will return, but you have bigger fish to fry at the moment with your health and your overall emotional well-being. Sounds like you need more YOU time, more than bar time anyway. Especially with people who seem not to care about you, as they do their drinks anyway. I can appreciate you feeling isolated, but consider it a blessing and opportunity to work on yourself. Everyone enjoys being around a well adjusted dynamic adult, who knows them self and can feel confident in their own skin. Sounds like you are making changes like every butterfly does. So I wouldn't expect to make big changes by becoming healtheir and stronger, and still expect nothing else in your life to change as well. (Including "friends", nothing you stated would make a difference to a real friend who wanted you to be happy and healthy. I think you have drinking buddies, not friends.) Also I am an addict, whenever I take one addiction away, the addictive personality in me searches to place that addiciton elsewhere. so, I think it is very wise to stay clear of bars for the next couple years, so you don't have that issue on top of what you are dealing with today. There is a saying I learned from my first procedure, "as the weight comes off, the issues come out." No one who needs weight loss surgery is free from lot's of issues buried under their fat. Including myself. So just think about that as you continue the roller coaster you are on, as you are a strong person who wants to improve your life, thus you made the difficult decision to go down this path. So stay strong and stay the course, drink and walk, drink and walk, and write, write and write about your emotions and food. I hope this helps, forgive me if I am off base.
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    93lbs gone forever!!! Highest weight: 280lbs Current weight: 187lbs Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
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    Who said you were "supposed to hit 135 by April"? There is no way to map out where and when you will obtain an arbitrary weight within set amount of time. The big thing about any WLS is that it enables people to lose something like 70% of their excess weight. Not total or gross weight. The last leg of the weight loss is going to be all up to the individual. Also, the timing will be different for each individual. I didn't hit my weight goal in the first year but my surgeon was still thrilled with my progress. I eventually hit it and surpassed it, but it was around 15 months. There have been many men on here with similar stats to mine that hit goal weight or even "onederland" well before the first year. Sure I had a pang of envy, but there are far more that never even achieve my results. Don't focus on what you have not obtained, rather celebrate what you have already accomplished. So in short, just keep on doing what you are doing and focus on maintaining your habits you have spent the last 8 months establishing. This isn't a race to the finish line, it's a lifelong marathon.
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    Had my VSG on 3/2/17; no problems thus far-unless you count clothes not fitting, LOL! Anyway, preparing to go on a 7day cruise the last week of April 2017; tried on some shorts that I've always taken on trips....Don't know why, but was shocked they were too big! Off to Target I went to get 3 pair of shorts. Normally wear a 14/16 women's/plus, so I tried a 12 women's/plus----guess what, THEY WERE TOO BIG!!!! I had to go into the misses/juniors; got a light denim in a misses 10, a dark denim in a misses 10, and a white pair in a misses 12 (different material)!!!!! WHAT A GREAT NSV TO START THE WEEK WITH!!!!!! Highest wt: 240lbs 1st dr appt wt: 220lbs Day of surgery wt: 193.4lbs Current wt: 184.4lbs Goal wt: between 150-165lbs Have a great week everyone!!!!
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    Bumped into a casual friend this past weekend that I hadn't seen since May (I had my surgery in September and I'm down 80lbs) in the parking lot of a local store. I waved. He stared at me blankly. I walked over to him and his eyes were masks of confusion with not even the slightest bit of recognition. "Matt... it's Rob, you f-ckin' drunk!" "HOLY SHIT! MATE, WHAT THE F-CK HAPPENED TO YOU?" Best reaction I've had. I'll never tire of that kind of thing.
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    Hi, the word surgery by it self is pretty scary, especially if you have mix feelings of your previous procedure. Your lapband surgeon is correct, complications may happen, here or in the US. Be confident that my team and I will do things properly, following international safety protocols in a full service hospital and state of the art OR, looking to minimize any complication as low as possible. [emoji6]
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    Well I'm so happy to tell y'all that I have already lost 16 lbs from my surgery date..
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    I was married at the beginning of April in 1999. One of our wedding gifts were season passes to Six Flags over St. Louis. At the time, we were young and actually lived in the same town as the amusement park, so we were so excited to be able to just pop over whenever we wanted. The first time we processed our passes, we headed directly to Batman the Ride. Back in the day, the seatbelts attached to the overhead locking mechanism clipped in between the legs. As we were trying to get on, it was evident that my seat would not close. The kid working the ride asked me to hold on. He pushed it tight against me by using his feet against the seat in front of me and clipped me in, at the same time, my fat legs were clipped into the locking clip. I was in terrible pain and terribly embarrassed, so I didn't say a word. I endured the ride with it's twists, turns, and loop de loops. I walked away with a severely bruised inner thigh and and even worsely battered pride. I never rode another amusement park ride. Years passed, I had kids who very badly wanted to go to Six Flags. I decided that I would buy season passes about 4 years ago because I was trying to lose weight and I thought that while I can't ride the rides, it would be a good opportunity to get some exercise and walk around. For the first two seasons, I didn't even try to ride anything. I just walked from ride to ride and held stuff while my hubby would ride with the kiddos. Two years ago, I started my first steps into making a real change in my life. I have always been against weight loss surgery, so I started on a ketogenic diet and started walking like it was my job. I lost about 35lbs, tried to ride Batman, wouldn't close (now the clasp is at the top). I got out, did my walk of shame and moved on. At the end of 2016, my dad told us that he wanted to die. He was retired, 59 years old, in renal failure from refusing to take care of diabetes for years, and three hours a day, three days a week were too much to ask for him to continue his life. We went on a roller coaster of our own for about two months where he would go on hospice, be almost dead, and then freak out and go to the hospital, swear he was going to go to all his appointments, and then go right back on hospice after the first dialysis appointment. In February of 2016, he passed and at the end of that, I had gained 60lbs. At his funeral, I looked at my husband and said, "If there is something that you could do that would save your life, so that you could be there for your family...why wouldn't you?" Duh. Light bulb. 30 days later I was at a seminar and I started the 6 month medically supervised diet and jumping through all the other hoops. I had my vsg on 10/26/2016 and at the beginning of December, I went toe to toe with this elusive beast and was once again denied. ( I needed like an inch) Yesterday, on my 5 month surgiversary, I slayed the dragon! I laughed and cried the whole time. After, I rode every dang ride I could find and I had a blast. (I didn't even realize it was my surgiversary until I started writing this)
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    I'm 5 months post-op and I'm down 131 pounds. Starting at 470 and now 339. For those who are on the fence about getting the surgery, or have just gotten it and are hoping it works for them, let me tell you, if you follow your doctor's advice, it will work. I hardly get hungry anymore and when I do and eat, I get full almost instantly. As soon as I do feel satisfied, I feel that I can't eat another bite, which is something I never experienced before having this surgery. In the past, even if I was full, I could keep eating and stuff myself. I know now, that if I did that I'd get nauseous so I STOP when my body tells me to. I have very few cravings too. This surgery has been a miracle to me. Weight loss isn't as fast as it was in the first month or so, but I do tend to lose around 3-4 pounds a week and I'll gladly take that. At this rate I'll be in the high 200s by Summer and to see my weight start with the number 2 will be amazing.
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    a month & 5 days.. and i lost 33 pounds!! so incredibly happy and so incredibly proud of myself. it hasnt been easy! this is the most ive lost in my life so its kindaa a big deal to me
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    When you don't have to worry if Chairs are "big people" friendly.
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    Hi there, lizard. I'm sorry this happened to you. I had a similar experience back in December. I went into my surgeons office so excited to get the sleeve. I watched countless videos on YouTube and read so many testimonies that I was finally sold on weight loss surgery. But when I met him and his nurse practitioner, I couldn't have been more deflated if you stuck a pin in me and I popped. They said the sleeve would still leave me obese with a high bmi. They urged me to have the DS procedure, which is like the bypass, but they sleeve your stomach then move onto the rearrangement of the intestines for the malabsorption aspect. It would leave me with a 90% total weight loss for life. And hey, that sounds great, but whenever I have to make a hard life decision, I base it on one thing. Don't laugh. I always ask myself, if I had to live in apocalyptic times, what would be my quality of life afterwards if I had no means for support with this procedure? For instance, I have a chipped front tooth that happened in high school. I have a cap on it that has served me well for over twenty-five years. Every now and then, there comes along a dentist who wants me to put a crown on it, in place of the cap, because it lasts longer. To do a crown they would have to shave my tooth down to a little pointed peg just to fit a crown. The crown isn't permanent. What if something happened tomorrow where dentistry was just a memory and I needed a crown? I would walk around looking like a cannibal, scaring the masses, opposed to just having a chipped front tooth. What does that nonsensical little story have to do with wls you ask? Well, with a DS surgery, I would have to take vitamins to survive. Sure, with the sleeve I take vitamins too, but if something happened tomorrow, I'd still be ok without vitamins on the sleeve. The ds and bypass are malabsorption surgeries. That means even though you are absorbing less calories, you are also absorbing significantly less vitamins, and with the ds I could die without my vitamins. So, that's a no go, no go. Like I told the doctor, if I could get to 200 or 170 on the sleeve, I could get to 135 as well. I've seen it done. You know why? Because no matter the surgery, the hard work will always be up to you mentally to overcome, even on those darkest days when you forget why you did this at all. You're the one who has control. If you eat right and follow the plan, there's absolutely no reason you can't lose 100% of your total weight with the sleeve. So do what inherently feels right for you. What helped me snap out of my mini depression after my appointment was watching more YouTube videos of people losing 130,150, and even 250 pounds on the sleeve. It works if you do, so again, do what's right for you <3
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    I have never posted before but have been watching the forum for quite awhile. Thanks to everybody here I am ready to start my new journey. Sharing your experiences has been a blessing. I just wish I could sleep.