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  2. Which thrift store your talking about? They used to have one at the end of the Huey P. but it's gone now. I loved to shop there. We need to find a good one soon for me.
  3. Exactly how I was feeling. I had to have my age 50 colonoscopy and since I was having trouble tossing cookies, they did the upper too. Lower was clean as a whistle (as I predicted) so that verified the blood was from the ulcer. Wel, it turned out to be a baby ulcer and honkin' huge ulcer. Go now before whatever is causing the problem gets worse. Good Luck!!!!
  4. I considered using him for my revision. I will say he's an excellent surgeon I just found his staff quite a bit troubling. There are many reviews just google. I wish he would fix the staffing issues.
  5. At three months post rny I had lost almost 40 pounds. Four months more than 50. I started lower (244). Down 70 since surgery now (5 months). I didn't cruise but I did travel. I just took backup protein (shakes) just in case. I was more than ready by then. Good luck!
  6. My sleeve will accept anything I eat!! That's how I gain 30 pounds eating junk!! The mind gotta be strong...I have lost 15 of them but I haven't hit my goal and I am 2 years out....not gonna beat myself up just get back to the program.... It's called a journey for a reason.
  7. 3 to 4 pounds a week is insanely fast!!! Do people think they are going to lose 10 pounds a week for months?!?!?
  8. There are so many low carb sugar free substitutes there is really no reason to have sugar unless you just want to. You have to live in your body not her. It is really easy to dodge sugar if you want to. I don't eat sugar to the point I don't eat fruit but that is my choice.
  9. My goal has been to get under 30 BMI. Physically I am pretty small, if I got down to the 150 range which is top for most women in our height range, I would be like a size 2 maybe even a 0. I'm almost and sometimes an 8 right now and I am upper 180s lower 190s. I really don't want to be smaller than a 6. I still have pounds of loose skin. If that was all gone right now I would be a 6 now. Even though BMI is BS and very skewed, it is the standard. My goal is to be at the top end of a normal BMI, even though I really do not want to be that small. I'll just be boobs and hair (breasts are not disappearing the more I lose the bigger they seem).
  10. Thanks everyone! The opinions on Genepro are so polarized its interesting. I think I will use it, assume its 20g instead of 30g and when I am allowed to eat meat, be grateful for not being stuck drinking any shakes!
  11. Fantastic! Go for it! You will be surprised at how much weight that hanging skin is.
  12. Nope. I don't use any of that. I purchased some very nice flatware and dishes before I considered surgery. I use those. Almost 2 years later I am happy with my choice. I find putting my smaller portions on normal size plates helps me better gauge what portions should look like. So when I am not at home it makes it easier to eye ball how much I should eat. The rest of the world isn't going to feed you on Bariatric plates or baby you. So I felt it was better to learn to adapt.
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  14. Thanks for the message. I struggle with my band at times. I try to keep it under inflated so as not to irritate it... mostly it lets me keep food down. Sometimes not. It is frustrating at times.... but I am fairly used to it after 10 years. I hope I can keep it. Most do not as you probably know. Congrats on the baby! What a great time. (I loved having my kids, but I got really big and had a yucky first marriage... )my remarriage was fabulous!! I also wonder about the sleeve, but I am 62 so not looking for anymore surgery I hope.... Good luck on your future and thank you for writing
  15. I'm 5'5 and some change, almost 5 foot 6. I am around (keep bouncing) 190 ish and wear a 10 sometimes an 8, I'm dead in between sizes. At 130 I would be shopping in the kids dept or dead.
  16. Just no cafffinated drinks!
  17. Get it girl!
  18. Congrats!!! You look amazing!
  19. I see. Well hopefully I can figure all this out. I'm so nervous still
  20. I am but I don't like to give out that one personally sorry. I did link my email above if you wanna add me to fit bit
  21. My only suggestions would be to get your vitamins and gas-x strips ahead of time. Oh and childrens tylenol (liquid or chewable)... I had a bad headache one day and was glad I had some on hand.
  22. Linda Irene.....I haven't seen the no surgery it the pouch reset people talk about? Going back to the basics of the first few weeks of surgery? If so it can't hurt to give it a try! I'm finding the carb monster creeping up on me lately and have to knock him out before I start to gain...I'm 13 months post op and having a hard time dropping weight now [emoji1304]
  23. I know that everyone that has lost a lot of weight didn't go through wls I have lost weight so many times over the years but never kept it off....each time I gained it back plus some..
  24. You want to undergo major surgery agsin for only 30 pounds?? Why not just go back to the basics...protein first, measuring your food, no snacking, no drinking with meals, etc....
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