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  2. I wont be drinking it forever I am already getting off from it
  3. No I just drank it regular.
  4. Trust me you can eat everything you want in a while. I am struggling over three years out, because I keep gaining. My husband and I are a no carb family due to diabetes and love of carbs, we don't eat out, yet I am not that far from where I started. My surgeon has a life coach in his office, I also work with her.
  5. Hi Congrats on your upcoming surgery! I'm glad that found my post helpful. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Take care
  6. I'm now 16 days post op. I want to take my son to the pool, but as he has special needs he can't go in the water alone. I wouldn't be actually swimming, just walking around & floating. Do you think that's ok or wait?
  7. That's awesome Nana
  8. I have cried on more than one occasion because I wanted to eat so bad.
  9. Cold stuff i cant take well, but i can kill a popsicle. All my liquids are either hot or room temp. For some reasons i feel cold and then get hot not sure what that is all about. Im gone try that apple juice this weekend. Apple juice should make you poop.
  10. Good for you! I am working forward after being sleeved over 2.5 years. I never reach my goal weight loss goal. However, I am healthier than ever. I still have 35 to 45 pounds left to lose. I workout 5 days a week at least. I will get to my weight loss goal by July. Keep moving and do not give up. You have support here.
  11. You've got the tats, the cruises, probably the car too, eh? LOL I'm glad your tats are holding up. One reason why I decided to wait on my lace tat is to lose weight first, not knowing if it'll hold up or not. Hope you find something nice to give yourself.
  12. Yeah pooped!!!!! I haven't yet. Glad your doing well. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'm drinking apple juice. Do u drink it hot r cold? And how any ounces? I may have to try some.
  13. Water hurt going down for me at first too. Even though i was taking very small sips. Eventually i discovered that drinking cold water was too painful. Before surgery i could only drink cold water, now i can only do room temperature water. It'll probably take you a while but the sensation does get better after a while. Good luck!
  14. We had surgery the same day. I pooped today! Hallelujah! I think the decaf coffee helped me. I still feel weak at times on this liquid diet.
  15. More power to you on that skydiving! Takes guts....lol Have fun with it!
  16. Have you been on one? I haven't. I'd love to take a cruise some day. Where would you go? or do you have a cruise in mind already?
  17. Congrats!!! March Sleevers here we come.
  18. Completely depends on your workout. The longer and more intense cardio would call for oatmeal. A prolonged weightlifting session would call for oatmeal and maybe BCAA's. Other than BCAA's and perhaps creatine monohydrate, there is nothing you "need" . It's mostly marketing of simple carbs and caffeine. Creatine is one to keep an eye on though, you will retain water and gain weight with it. If you don't drink enough water, you will also get horrific headaches and put serious strain on your kidneys. Sent from my phone. Please forgive brevity and spelling.
  19. Then my husband wouldn't be well received. LOL Seems like a huge impact to living there whether or not to get a tattoo.
  20. Hello. Blood pressure still low but pain much better. Can't wait to start shopping and enjoying new life. Praying for you Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  21. For some reason, I can sympathize with you right now about being all shopped out. I usually get burned out shopping during the holiday season so I can totally relate. Hope you enjoy your nice break from shopping and get yourself some earrings soon.
  22. Thank god I'm not going through that! It sounds really rough. I've been holding liquids really well. When it comes to food tho that can be tricky. When I do eat (and it's like 2or3tbs) nauseous, sweats, and diarrhea for like an hour afterwards. Getting to the point where I don't want to eat.
  23. Thank you! I hope so. I'm anxious
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